Vulture Names: 363+ Funny Names For Scavenging Birds

Vulture Names: Did you know that some cultures consider vultures to be symbols of purification, renewal, and transformation?

Vultures are the scavengers of the sky and are a sight to behold. Their soaring flight and sharp eyesight make them unique birds that they are.

Nurturing a bond with these birds requires understanding them and respecting their role in the ecosystem.

Their unique features and often misunderstood habits have made them the center of some imaginative and amusing names.

In this article, we will share our list of vulture names that will make you laugh and resonate with your bird.

Dive into the world of vultures and their names that are as unique as these magnificent scavengers themselves!

Understanding Vultures

Understanding Vultures
Understanding Vultures

Vultures are large scavengers found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. With 23 species, they’re known for consuming carrion, thanks to their strong immune systems.

Bald heads, sharp beaks, and broad wings aid in their scavenging lifestyle. Vultures help control disease and maintain biodiversity by disposing of dead animals.

Species include California Condor, King Vulture, and African White-backed Vulture, found in Old and New World regions.

Funny Vulture Names

Funny Vulture Names
Funny Vulture Names

Vultures, with their mannerisms, bring character to the bird world. A dose of humor in your vulture’s name is a fun way to honor these attributes.

Adding some humor to your vulture’s name will bring a smile to your face every time you call out to them.

Funny vulture names capture their behaviors. Does your vulture have a habit of bobbing its head a certain way or has a squawk that makes you chuckle?

Choosing a funny name will help lighten the mood and make your bond with your vulture even stronger.

Look at their behaviors, attributes, and individual quirks to come up with a name that tickles your funny bone.

Here is our list of funny vulture names that capture the unique charm of these scavenging birds.

  • Beaky Blinders
  • Feather Fiasco
  • Swoop Duper
  • Sick Feather Day
  • Sky Jester
  • Beak Blitz
  • Flap Jack
  • High Featherion
  • Soar Loser
  • Vulturious Laugh
  • Flight Fright
  • Droppy Feather
  • Gobble Squawk
  • Zippy Munch
  • Beaky Boo
  • Clawsome Comedian
  • Wacky Wings
  • Quirky Quill
  • Laughter Loft
  • Ha-Ha-Hawk
  • Jokin’ Raptor
  • Sky Joker
  • Funyun Falcon
  • Skyhigh Snicker
  • Zany Zapper
  • Giggle Gobbler
  • Whimsy Windrider
  • Airborn Clown
  • Raptor Rib-tickler
  • High-flying High-jinks
  • Winged Wisecracker
  • Soaring Silly
  • Air Prankster
  • Buzzy Teaser
  • Skywise Chuckle
  • Kooky Carrion
  • Feather Mocker
  • Wind Rider Woo-woo
  • Talon Tickle
  • Rib Tickler Raptor
  • Beaky Buzz
  • Cloud Coaster Chuckler
  • Munching Merrymaker
  • Ruffling Chuckler
  • Whirly Grin
  • Sky-high Giggle
  • Hovering Humor
  • Squawk Squib
  • Peckish Prankster
  • Wingy Wisecrack
  • Sky Swoop Spoof
  • Feather Fool
  • Beak Bard
  • Jest Jet
  • Comedian Carrion
  • Laughter Lift
  • Jesting Thermals
  • Grinning Gourmet
  • Swoop Scoop
  • Lofty Laungh
  • Glider Giggler
  • Talon Titter
  • Silly Skyrider
  • Zany Zoomer
  • Ticklish Talon
  • Chuckling Claw
  • Beaming Beak
  • Flapping Funster
  • Cloud Comedian
  • Skyhigh Snorter

Famous Vulture Names

Famous Vulture Names
Famous Vulture Names

The world of literature, films, and cartoons has seen its share of vultures, each having a name that captures its essence.

Naming your vulture after a famous character or figure will add prestige. It’s not only cool but it also pays tribute to these fictional characters.

Famous vulture names draw inspiration from books, movies, cartoons, and historical figures known for their vulture-like qualities.

These names, steeped in fame, are a good source of names for your vultures, paying tribute to iconic characters.

Choosing a famous name for your vulture allows you to share a bit of trivia about your bird’s namesake every time you introduce them.

Take a flight through our list of famous vulture names and pick one that resonates with your bird.

Sky MajestyA vulture ruler of the sky, known for his regality and poise.
Voldo the VultureA feared vulture, with a reputation for his cunning and guile.
Flap MasterThis bird got its name from the impressive mastery of its flapping ability.
Feathery FlightA vulture with a smooth, elegant flight that gives an impression of floating feathers.
Skyhigh ThunderKnown for its powerful and resonating call that echoes like thunderstorm.
Vulcan the VultureNamed after the Roman god of fire, known for fiery agility and strength in flight.
Sky EmperorA vulture with imperial dignity, ruling high in his sky kingdom.
Vulture InvictusLatin for ‘Unconquerable Vulture’, renowned for its tenacity and resilience.
Feathered PhantomGhostlike in flight, this vulture seems to vanish and appear at will.
Sky ShredderWith its strong talons, this vulture rends the sky as if it’s a tangible cloth.
Vulpex NimbusAn exceptionally swift vulture, as if foxy, blending with the clouds.
Phantom FeatherKnown for its elusive and almost spectral presence in the sky.
Ravenous RedeyeThis vulture is identified by its intense, ravenous red eyes.
Vermillion VultureNoted for its vermillion hue that stands out against the sky blue.
Swooping StarA vulture famous for its swift and star-like, shining swooping maneuvers.
Velvet VultureIts unusually dark, velvety feathers make this vulture a wonder to behold.
Vortex the VultureThis vulture got its name from the vortex-like swirling flight patterns it makes.
Victor VultureConstantly victorious in territory disputes, earned him this name.
Tommy the ToweringKnown for its magnificent size, this vulture towers over most of its kind.
Soaring ScepterThis vulture carries itself with a royal air, soaring with a scepter like grace.
  • Oscar Onsky: Oscar has an unsurpassed knack for maintaining a steady and unflappable flight, giving an impression as if it’s always on the sky.
  • Wind Whisperer: Known for its quiet, whispery calls that blend harmoniously with the rustling wind.
  • Ravenwing: A vulture with dark, raven-like feathers that give it a mysterious aura.
  • Bloodfeather: Known for its unusually deep red, blood-colored feathers that make it stand out.
  • Night Sky: A nocturnal vulture, skilled at flying against the backdrop of the night sky.
  • Argent Aviator: Named for its silver-colored feathers, this vulture is an impressive aviator of the sky.
  • Blackbeak the Brave: Blackbeak earned its name from its courage displayed in numerous occasions.
  • Raptor Royalty: A vulture of nobility and strategy, ruling amongst its fellow raptors.
  • Soaring Sovereign: Known for it’s high, graceful soaring that hints at a sovereign dignity.
  • Golden Glider: A vulture with gold-touched feathers, famous for its smooth gliding amongst the flock.
  • Grandeur Glide: Known for its grandeur style of gliding that is pleasing to the eye.
  • Featherton: This heavier than normal vulture, is surprisingly nimble in flight.
  • Gerry the Glider: Gerry, a known face in the sky, is admired for his exceptional gliding skills.
  • Imperial Icarus: Earning its name from the legendary Icarus, this vulture flies close to the sun.
  • Valkyrie Vulture: Known for its fearless and daring expression in flight, reminiscent of the legendary Valkyries.
  • Skydancer: A gem to behold in the sky, this vulture dances through the wind while in flight.
  • Raving Raptor: Seen across various skies, this vulture’s presence generates wild excitement.
  • Shadowbeak: Known for its dark beak, it silhouettes against the sky creating a striking image.
  • Nightgale Nimbus: Found singing a haunting tune on a cloudy night, it has a tune simal to a nightingale’s song.
  • Carl the Crowned: Its unique ‘crown’ of feathers distinguishes Carl from the rest.
  • Sublime Skyhunter: An elegant hunter high in the skies, its elegance enhanced by the subtlety of its flight.
  • Vinnie the Vulture: Vinnie, a well-known vulture, is recognized by his distinctive look among his peers.
  • Grizzly Griffon: Robust and strong, this vulture resembles the legendary griffin creatures in size and strength.
  • Silent Stalker: Hardly making a sound, this vulture approaches its targets layer by layer, appearing out of thin air.
  • Sky Slicer: It cuts through the sky swiftly and sharply, sliding effortlessly amongst the clouds.
  • Timely Talon: This vulture strikes with an uncannily perfect timing getting the prey almost every time.
  • Velvet Vane: Velvet Vane’s feathering is unusually fluffy and reminiscent of soft velvet.
  • Ancient Aero: This vulture has been around for ages, its wisdom etched into the wrinkles on its face.
  • Zephyr Zenith: Named for its ability to ride the zephyrs till it reaches the high zenith in the sky.
  • Hovering Hector: Hector is known for his remarkable ability to remain nearly stationary in the air.
  • Wandering Will: Wandering Will is well known for long distance travel, ever willing for new adventures.
  • Sammy Soaring: Sammy displays exceptional grace every time it spreads its wings, a sight to witness.
  • Born to Breeze: A fantastic flier, this vulture seems to be born to sail in the air with the cool breeze.
  • Nebula Nomad: A vulture that roams from place to place, just like a nomad, across the vast sky of nebula above.
  • Drifting Duster: This vulture appears to always float in the air, endlessly drifting like a dust particle.
  • Celestial Coaster: Known for flying fairly high, it often appears to be coasting between the stars.
  • Skyward Simon: Simon always flies towards the sky, seeking the greatest heights.
  • Orion of the Skies: Named after the constellation, this vulture is a hunter par excellence, in the sky.
  • Wavy Windwalker: Known for its ability to walk its way through turbulent air waves with ease and grace.
  • Harold The Hoverer: Harold hovers in the sky as if defying gravity, a commonplace spectacle that never fails to amaze.
  • Breezing Benson: Benson seems to always sail with the breeze, free and easy.
  • Swooping Sammy: Sammy amazes watchers with his dramatic swooping flights.
  • Star Del Skies: This vulture flies so high that it seems as if it’s touching the stars.
  • Pegasus Peak: Reaching heights that seem mythical, just like the legendary flying horse.
  • Airy Archer: This vulture has a knack for sharp, swift movements, as fast as a flying arrow.
  • Aero -Eagle: Trey flies like an eagle, with breathtaking speed and precision.
  • Breezing Bullet: Known for its speed, it breezes through the sky like a bullet.
  • Sky Swooper: Always swooping down the sky, its flight pattern bears resemblance to the slope of a valley.
  • Whispering Wind: It flies silently, as if whispering to the wind.
  • Beaky Baron: This vulture leads the pack, like a baron, with a mighty presence and a sharper beak.

Cute Baby Vulture Names

Cute Baby Vulture Names
Cute Baby Vulture Names

Baby vultures, with their fluffy plumage and curious eyes, are so adorable. These younglings deserve a name that’s as cute as their innocence.

Cute baby vulture names reflect their endearing qualities. Despite their future role as nature’s clean-up crew, baby vultures are playful and cute.

Choosing a cute name for your baby vulture will add a touch of sweetness to their otherwise formidable reputation.

A cute baby vulture name adds affection to every call. They are the perfect way to celebrate your cute little feathered friend.

Whether your baby vulture is a little explorer or a shy little bird, you’ll find a name that suits them in our list.

Below you’ll find our list of cute baby vulture names that reflect the charm of these young scavengers.

  • Fluffy Wings
  • Snuggly Beaky
  • Featherkins
  • Sky Sprout
  • Baby Breezer
  • Mini Glide
  • Little Scavenger
  • Hatchling Hugs
  • Fuzzy Flyer
  • Newborn Nimbus
  • Cuddly Claw
  • Tiny Talon
  • Sky Wisp
  • Flapling
  • Little Soarer
  • Airbud
  • Echo the Eaglet
  • Baby Whistle
  • Squawklet
  • Feather Muffin
  • Breezy Babe
  • Petite Plume
  • Winglet Wonder
  • Nimbus Nibbler
  • Feather Puff
  • Gusty Gleamer
  • Teensy Talont
  • Wee Winger
  • Lil’ Lifter
  • Wind Whisker
  • Airborn Angel
  • Mini Sky Dancer
  • Wispy Winger
  • Tiny Squawker
  • Windy Whiskers
  • Petite Pecker
  • Fleeting Flapper
  • Wee Whirlwind
  • Baby Buzzer
  • Wind Warrior
  • Skylit Sprite
  • Scavenger Spark
  • Vulture Velocity
  • Gliding Gem
  • Feathered Friend
  • Sky Buddy
  • Soaring Sweetheart
  • Hover Heart
  • Little Zephyr
  • Windy Wonder
  • Feathered Furbaby
  • Flapling Flutter
  • Breezy Baby
  • Fluffy Flyer
  • Sky Hopper
  • Zipping Zephyr
  • Feather Floof
  • Tiny Raptor
  • Sky Cuddles
  • Mini Vultura
  • Fluffy Feathers
  • Little Winglet
  • Petit Peck
  • Beaky Baby
  • Feather Family
  • Little Nester
  • Fledgling Fancy
  • Windswept Whelp
  • Tiny-Beak
  • Baby Skymaster

Male Vulture Names

Male Vulture Names
Male Vulture Names

Male vultures stand out with their strong physique, instilling a sense of awe and respect at their commanding presence.

Treat your royal bird with love by giving it a masculine name that reflects its power and dominance.

vulture name that signifies power and strength aligns with their nature. A name that echoes their wingspan and their scavenging prowess is ideal.

Choosing a name that aligns with his nature will strengthen your bond and add charm to your vulture.

Go through our list of male vulture names that evoke the striking, valiant nature of these proud scavengers.

  • Toruk the Soarer
  • Vulture Voyager
  • Sky Chief
  • Vulture Viceroy
  • Twilight Talon
  • Soaring Sultan
  • Magnificent Marauder
  • Skybound Warrior
  • Raider of the Wind
  • Swift Blade
  • Winged Ally
  • King of the Skies
  • Guardian Glider
  • Beak Breaker
  • Feathery Fierce
  • Hovering Hero
  • High Velocity Victor
  • Skyshadow Sentry
  • Feathered Fury
  • Wind Whisperer
  • Ravenous Raptor
  • Vulture Valor
  • Soaring Sentinel
  • Stratosphere Stalker
  • Beak Bravado
  • Sky-barrier Buster
  • Cloud Chaser
  • Wings of Honor
  • Aerial Ace
  • Feathered Framer
  • Majestic Palisade
  • Gusty Gladiator
  • Vulture Vindicator
  • Soaring Sovereign
  • Nimbus Knight
  • Fierce Falcon
  • Winged Windlord
  • Sky Sniper
  • Valiant Voyager
  • Scavenger Scout
  • Gust Gunner
  • Raptor Raider
  • Sky Seraph
  • Vulture Virtuoso
  • Feathery Fidelity
  • Thunder Talon
  • Winging Warrior
  • Beak Brawler
  • Zephyr Zealot
  • Airborn Archer
  • Skyline Sentry
  • Gusty Guardian
  • Stratosphere Skirmisher
  • Feathered Fist
  • Aero Avenger
  • Wind Warden
  • Vulture Vigil
  • Flapping Fighter
  • Cloud Commander
  • Pinnacle Protector
  • Thunderous Talon
  • Torrent Tracker
  • Soaring Savior
  • Alpine Aviator
  • Windswept Warrior
  • Feathery Force
  • Highland Hawk
  • Horizons Hero
  • Lofty Legionnaire
  • Winged Watchman

Female Vulture Names

Female Vulture Names
Female Vulture Names

Female vultures carry the elegance and power of female birds and deserve a name that shows their grace.

She may blend in with her male counterparts, but an observant eye recognizes the difference in her beauty.

When choosing a name for your female vulture, consider names that reflect her grace and strength.

The name you choose should embody her personality and charm, adding an extra layer of beauty to her presence.

Whether your female vulture is a gentle beauty or a fierce hunter, you’ll find a name that suits her perfectly.

Take a look at our list of female vulture names that celebrate the elegance of these magnificent birds.

  • Winged Enchantress
  • Sky Queen
  • Vulture Vixen
  • Celestial Siren
  • Feathered Majesty
  • Wind Empress
  • Beak Beauty
  • Soaring Sorceress
  • Skygoddess
  • Aerial Allure
  • Breeze Ballerina
  • Elegant Empyrean
  • Emberwing Enigma
  • Graceful Glider
  • Feathered Femme Fatale
  • Cloud Captivator
  • Sky Sylph
  • Whispering Windnymph
  • Majestic Matriarch
  • Feathered Finesse
  • Empyrean Elegance
  • Lady of the Skies
  • Stratosphere Siren
  • Misty Maven
  • Aerial Aristocrat
  • Soaring Sovereignty
  • Windbourne Wisdom
  • Vulture Virtue
  • Sky Serenade
  • Gossamer Glider
  • Air Angel
  • Feathered Fae
  • Wind Whisperess
  • Vulture Vanquisher
  • Celestial Charm
  • Aerial Ascendant
  • Feathered Flurry
  • Sky Enigma
  • Wind Wielder
  • Breeze of Elegance
  • Aerial Aphrodite
  • Heavenly Huntress
  • Lofty Luminary
  • Windwalker
  • Feathered Fantasy
  • Soaring Sapphire
  • Gliding Grace
  • Ethereal Empress
  • Winged Wisdom
  • Aerial Aviatrix
  • Gusty Grace
  • Sky Seraphina
  • Vulture Veneration
  • Raptor Royalty
  • Lady Skylark
  • Soaring Sybil
  • Feathered Fortitude
  • Atlantic Athena
  • Vindicator Valkyrie
  • Breezing Bella
  • Gusty Glimmer
  • Winged Whisper
  • Ethereal Emissary
  • Feathered Freya
  • Sky Siren
  • Aerial Alchemy
  • Graceful Gale
  • Empyrean Embrace
  • Misty Marquise
  • Breezebringer Belinda

Vulture Names In Jungle Book

Vulture Names In Jungle Book
Vulture Names In Jungle Book

Vultures are also famous characters in literature and movies. One such instance is in The Jungle Book, where the vultures play a significant role.

We all can recall the vulture quartet from Disney’s Jungle Book. Their witty banter, singing, and friendly nature make them amazing characters.

For many of us, this was our first introduction to vultures, packaged with comedy. If you’d like to embrace some of that nostalgia, consider picking vulture names from the Jungle Book.

Naming your vulture after these fictional characters is not only fun, but it also pays tribute to these iconic birds.

Join us in revisiting this classic tale with our list of Jungle Book vulture names and pick one that resonates with your bird.

  • Chogan (which means blackbird in Native American)
  • Volant Feathers
  • Ababil
  • Torgos (which is a genus of true vultures)
  • Jatayu (a mythological vulture from Hindu mythology)
  • Sampati (brother of Jatayu in Hindu mythology)
  • Carrion Claw
  • Jungle Jaw
  • Gidh (which means vulture in Hindi)
  • Featherfinder
  • Ebony Embrace
  • Forest King
  • Shikaar (which means hunting in Hindi)
  • Junglewing
  • Garuda (the bird creature from Hindu mythology)
  • Beak Shadow
  • Raptor’s Crest
  • Narasimha (vulture from the Hindu mythology)
  • Balaha (the horse-headed avatar who, in the form of a bird, rescued people from a shipwreck in Buddhist mythology)
  • Winged Whisper
  • Soaring Silence
  • Forest Phantom
  • Merab (which means vulture in some East African languages)
  • Swooping Shadows
  • Bringer of Endings
  • Caw Catcher
  • Silent Stalker
  • Winged Witness
  • Sky Ripper
  • Aas (which means vulture in Punjabi)
  • Scavenger’s Scream
  • Jungle’s Jury
  • Beaky Blaze
  • Soaring Scales
  • Vayu (the Hindu god of wind)
  • Trees’ Tribunal
  • Deadly Diviner
  • Sky Scythe
  • Mythic Marauder
  • Forest’s Fable
  • Pawan (which means wind in Hindi)
  • Scavenger’s Spirit
  • Jungle’s Savant
  • Talon Tracker
  • Nesting Nightmare
  • Vinebound Voyager
  • Sky’s Spy
  • Windwing
  • Scavenger’s Solitude
  • Marantha (which means vulture in Maltese)

Naming Your Vulture

Naming Your Vulture
Naming Your Vulture

Choosing the perfect name for your pet vulture is a fun process. Here we have 5 tips for picking a name that fits your bird’s personality.

  • Consider their traits and habits – Observe your vulture’s behavior and choose a name that reflects their character.
  • Look at their physical features – Pay attention to the color of their head or feathers, the shape of their beak, etc.
  • Use pop culture references – Movies, books, and TV shows featuring vultures offer great name inspirations.
  • Research cultural meanings – Looking into what vultures symbolize in different cultures will reveal meaningful names like “Ketu” or “Muldoon”.
  • Get creative with wordplay – Vulture-related puns or rhymes make for unforgettable names. Some examples are “Vlad the Impaler” or “Sir Hiss”.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vulture Names

Explore the world of vulture names with our FAQs. In these FAQs, we have answered most of your questions about names for vultures.

How to create a unique name for my pet vulture?

A unique name come from observing your pet’s characteristics and habits. A mix of their traits and your creativity result in a unique name.

Are there any famous vulture characters in movies?

Famous vulture characters from movies include “Mzingo” from The Lion King and “Principal Featherhead” from Riverdale.

What are the names of the vultures in Disney movies?

The vultures in Disney’s The Jungle Book are named “Buzzie,” “Dizzy,” “Flaps,” and “Ziggy.” In Disney’s Snow White, the vultures are unnamed.

What should I consider when naming my vulture?

Consider your vulture’s characteristics, behavior, and appearance. You can also consider cultural references and wordplay.

What are some names that pay respect to the ferocious side of vultures?

Names like “Talon Terror,” “Sky Predator,” “Feather Fury,” and “Vulture Vigor” can reflect respect for their ferocity.

Are there any famous vultures in mythology?

In many mythologies, vultures are symbols rather than named characters. However, in Greek mythology, Prometheus is chained to a rock where his liver is eaten daily by an eagle, often misconstrued as a vulture.

How do you pronounce the scientific names of vultures?

Vulture species have scientific names like Gyps fulvus (pronounced Jips ful-vus) for Griffon Vulture or Cathartes aura (pronounced Ka-thar-tees aw-ra) for Turkey Vulture.


So choosing a name for your vulture is an exciting journey that reflects their unique nature and role in the ecosystem.

With this list of vulture names, we hope you’ve found the perfect name that suits your feathered friend.

Whether it’s a funny name like “Buzzard Bait” or a famous name like “Zazu”, the best vulture name will amplify your bonding with your vulture.

Now, go and choose a name that makes them stand out. Don’t forget to share this list with fellow bird lovers looking for inspiration.

As we conclude our journey, we wish your vulture many soaring adventures. Until next time, may the skies always be your playground.

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