Rapper Cat Names: 333+ Dope Hip Hop-Inspired Name Ideas

Rapper Cat Names: You’re a hip-hop head. A master of beats. A flow expert. You’re able to spit every verse of your favorite rap song by heart.

Now, imagine sharing this love for rhythm and swagger with your feline, embedding it right into something as personal as their name.

Sounds cool, right? Doesn’t get much better than flaunting your cat’s name that pays tribute to your rap legend or a new-age hip-hop star.

If this is music to your ears, then you’ve stumbled upon a jackpot! A hip-hop-inspired cat name is a match made in heaven if you ask us!

In this article, we’ve got our list of rapper cat names, all inspired by the world of hip-hop, from old-school legends to the new faces on the scene.

So let’s get started on our tour into the rhythm-filled land of rapper cat names, where feline finesse meets lyrical brilliance!

Best Rapper Cat Names

Best Rapper Cat Names
Best Rapper Cat Names

What makes a cat name hip-hop’s finest? It’s all about the swag, the rhythm, the punch, and the nod to hip-hop culture’s influential figures.

Picasso once said, “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” In our case, the art is hip-hop, and the truth we’re aiming to realize is your cat’s swag-infused persona.

The best rapper cat names are not labels – they are names echoing the heartbeat of hip-hop and youth culture.

They’re names that resonate with the rhythm of beats, the flow of rhymes, and the swagger of rap culture.

Inspired by legendary rappers, these names celebrate the spirit of hip-hop in a fun way. From Tupaw Shakur to Kitty Minaj, these names are as cool as your cat’s attitude.

Stick around as we kick off with our list of the best rapper cat names that are as hip and groovy as your feline friend.

  • Snoop Catt – A playful spin on rapper Snoop Dogg, ideal for a smooth and laid-back feline.
  • Meow-Z – Inspired by Jay-Z, perfect for the head of the cat household.
  • Purry Ye – Based on Kanye West’s nickname, Ye, this name suits a creative and strong-willed cat.
  • Nas Whiskers – This name, after rapper Nas, fits a wise and deep-thinking kitten.
  • Meowly B – From Cardi B, great for an outgoing, fiery, and sassy cat queen.
  • Paws Diddy – Named in honor of P. Diddy, a name fit for a feline boss.
  • Kitty Smalls – A nod to Notorious B.I.G., perfect for an impressive, larger-than-life cat.
  • Coolio Swiper – This name hails from the artist Coolio, ready for a cat with a relaxed or cool demeanor.
  • Lil Clawzy – Playing off Lil Crazy, this name is meant for a fur baby with a lively and hyperactive spirit.
  • Whiska Khalifa – A feline variant of Wiz Khalifa, this name suits chilled-out and cool cats.
  • Claw-Eminem – Inspired by Eminem, this name is perfect for a creatively strong and unpredictable feline.
  • Dr. Purre – A spin on Dr Dre, great for an intelligent and musically sensitive kitty.
  • Fetty Cat – Perfect for fans of Fetty Wap, best for a cat with exceptional features.
  • Mew Miller – Play on words with Mac Miller, it is perfect for a gentle kitty with a peaceful temperament.
  • Kendrick Lameow – A pun on the artist Kendrick Lamar, best for a thoughtful cat who loves to lay low.
  • Catye West – Derived from Kanye West, this name is perfect for a cat with a take-charge personality.
  • Post Meowlone – After Post Malone, the name is great for a laid-back cat with cool vibes.
  • J. Cozy – Inspired by J. Cole, the name is ideal for a cat who loves nothing more than snuggle time.
  • Kitty Wap – Inspired by rapper Fetty Wap, great for a unique-looking, fun-loving kitty.
  • Kitty Cent – Inspired by 50 Cent, it’s perfect for a street-smart cat who’s all about respect.
  • Joey Pawdass – This spin on rapper Joey Bada$$ suits a cat with a confident personality and a “don’t-mess-with-me” attitude.
  • Catrick Lamar – A pun on Kendrick Lamar, ideal for a wise and artistic kitty.
  • Wiz Khaliclaw – Inspired by Wiz Khalifa, suits a zen ‘chilled’ cat.
  • 21 Scratch-age – A spin on 21 Savage; purrfect for the feistiest of cats.
  • Purrsy T – Named in honor of Pusha T, this name suits an incredibly affectionate cat.
  • Travis Litter – Spin on Travis Scott, perfect for a cat that loves to chill and sleep quite a bit.
  • A$AP Scratchy – From A$AP Rocky, ideal for a feline with sharp claws and trendy style.
  • Meow Eminem – A mash-up with Eminem, perfect for a fierce and scrappy feline.
  • Tyga Paws – From the rapper Tyga, perfect for a feline that has the spirit of a big cat.
  • Yung Claw – Inspired by Yung Thug, perfect for a young cat with a boisterous personality.
  • Offset Tiger – Spin on rapper Offset, perfect for a cat with a bold, striking appearance.
  • Mewsician – A generic term for a cat that can’t resist the sounds of a beat.
  • Lil Uzi Purr – From Lil Uzi Vert, suits a lively, high-energy kitty.
  • Clawvo – Inspired by Quavo, ideal for a cat that exudes coolness and swagger.
  • Metro Groomin’ – Playing off Metro Boomin, suitable for a scrupulously clean and groomed feline.
  • Swae Kitty – A spin on Swae Lee, suitable for a laid-back and cute-looking feline.
  • Ferine Rhymes – For cats who seem to spit out a rhythm with their purrs and hisses.
  • Lil Purp – Great for a cat with a mysterious aura, inspired by rapper Lil Peep.
  • Kitty Quan – From Rich Homie Quan, suitable for a loyal feline companion.
  • Pounce Mensa – Based on Vic Mensa, perfect for a cat who loves interactive play and always pounces on their toys.
  • Cat Miller – A pun on the late rapper, Mac Miller, great for a peaceful and chill cat.
  • Kitty Bada$$ – From Joey Bada$$, great for a hardy and determined kitty.
  • Bones Paws – A light, funny name perfect for a cat with a slightly eerie, skeleton-like appearance.
  • G Herbo Claw – Great for an ardent G Herbo fan, perfect for a laid-back cat.
  • Paw WRLD – Inspired by Juice Wrld, suitable for a cat with a dreamy, laid-back temperament.
  • J Claw – Inspired by J Cole, perfect for a quietly assertive, unique feline.
  • Kitty WRLD – A take on Juice Wrld, perfect for a daydreaming, laid-back kitty.
  • Mewni Two Times – This pun on Yo Gotti’s song “Down in the DM” is perfect for a cat who multiples their adoration for you.
  • Big Sean Meow – Great for any fan of Big Sean, this lovable moniker is purrfect for any bighearted and charming cat.
  • YG Claw – Play on YG, perfect for a cat who owns their space.
  • DaBaby Purr – Channeling DaBaby, suits a youthful, energetic cat who always wants to play.
  • Catton Lane – Drawing from Post Malone’s song “Candy Paint”, this sweet and colorful name fits a vibrant and cheerful cat perfectly.
  • Lil Wayne Purr – For fans of Lil Wayne, ideal for a pint-sized cat with strong, hard-hitting meows.
  • Jeezy Furry – A fun play on Jeezy for a sophisticated and cool feline.
  • Ludacris Paws – Inspired by Ludacris for a fun-loving, energetic cat.
  • Joey Kit-a$$ – Parody spin on Joey Bada$$, for an independent, intrepid feline.
  • Rakim Purr – Named for Rakim, perfect for an older, easygoing cat.
  • Cat Daddy – Indicates ‘cool’, derived from a popular rap song. Great for the ultimate cool cat.
  • Paws Mane – A fun parody of Gucci Mane, it suits a cat with impressive claws.
  • Kitty Luv – Perfect for an especially loving and affectionate cat.
  • Lil Pump Purr – Fitting for a boastful cat full of character, drawing from Lil Pump.
  • A Boogie Wit Da Kitty – Play on “A Boogie wit da Hoodie” for a playful and fun-loving feline.
  • Polo G Purr – Inspired by Polo G, perfect for a trend-setting, young cat.
  • The Kitty – Calling upon The Game, for when your cat runs the household.
  • Kit Gunna – A clever nod to Gunna, a great pick for a cat always gunning for what they want.
  • Lil Furr Vert – Named after Lil Uzi Vert, apt for a small cat with a wild, unkempt fluff.
  • Trippie Redd Kitty – Based on Trippie Redd, this name captures the energy of a mischievous and adventurous cat.
  • Moneybagg Kitty – Named after Moneybagg Yo, perfect for a cat who knows how to get what they want.
  • Pouncey P – Parody on Iggy Pop, perfect for a feline who loves jumping around the house.
  • Quavo Furr – Playing on Quavo, is a great choice for a cool and stylish pet, just like this stylish artist.

Punny Rapper Cat Names

Punny Rapper Cat Names
Punny Rapper Cat Names

Puns make life more fun, and when combined with hip-hop, they create a blend of humor and rhythm, just what your cool cat needs.

Punny rapper cat names capture your cat’s fun spirit. These pun-inspired names guarantee giggles and appreciation.

Quirky, fun, and a big hit at parties, these pun-filled rapper names for your cat will have everyone chuckling in unison.

With a punny rapper cat name, you’ll not only flex your love for hip-hop but also flaunt your wit and creativity.

All while giving your cat the coolest, punniest name on the block. These names are not only fun but are also great conversation starters.

Don’t miss out on our list of punny rapper cat names that will have you and your cat grooving in no time.

  • Tailor Paw Swift
  • Kitty Minaj
  • Purrfecta Rhymes
  • Fur-real Williams
  • Furrake
  • Just Kitten Timberlake
  • Sheryl Claw
  • Furryoncé Knowles
  • Ariana Grrrande
  • Purrina Gomez
  • Ryan Tabby
  • Lil’ Scratchy
  • Kameleon-Aire
  • Mouse Def
  • Purrlock Smith
  • Scratching Professor
  • Fur-bid
  • Kid Clawdi
  • Feral Monch
  • Talib Whiskerli
  • Kedi Lamar
  • Nipussy Hustle
  • Murs Meowsick
  • Nas Fur
  • T-Pawin
  • Snoop Kitty Cat
  • Whisker Rhymes
  • Yarn-Z
  • Missy Meow Elliot
  • Meowly Rae Jepsen
  • Tabby Ranks
  • Lorde Paws
  • Catrick Swayze
  • Billy Idle Cats
  • Kitty Purrit
  • Kitty Z
  • Lady Catta
  • Mew-Tang Clan
  • Furr Sremmurd
  • A Mouse Called Quest
  • Outcat
  • Bone Thugs-N-Purrmony
  • Kitty-O
  • Litter S
  • Claw-torious B.I.G
  • 2-Pawz
  • Purr Wayne
  • El-Purr
  • Grandmaster Flashy
  • M.I.A. (Meow In Action)
  • Claw DMC
  • Public Kitty Service
  • Beastie Kitties
  • Easy-Purr
  • Bi-Paw-c
  • Claw-z
  • Pawsy Elliott
  • Fifty Pounce
  • Anderson .Purr
  • Action Pawson
  • Mew Chainz
  • Travis Paw-tt
  • Lil’ Mewne
  • Kitty B
  • Kitty Purry (Katy Perry)
  • Pawla Abdul
  • Kitty Spears
  • Mewstafa
  • Pawlace
  • Clawsie

Male Rapper Cat Names

Male Rapper Cat Names
Male Rapper Cat Names

Every male rapper boasts a strong stage presence, an authoritative spirit, and let’s not forget to mention, some cool names.

Your male cat packed with swagger and charisma deserves a name as bold and dynamic.

A name that channels the forcefulness of rap music. The world rap is filled to the brink with bravado and charisma, the best traits to name your male cat after.

Male rapper cat names are inspired by the most legendary figures in the hip-hop industry. They’re names that ooze coolness and a knack for breaking the rules. 

These names sprinkle your tomcat with a unique hip-hop flavor, making him a cool cat in every sense of the term.

Journey through our list of male rapper cat names, each name capturing the essence of your king cat.

  • Whisker Wayne
  • Kurupt Kitty
  • Paw Wallace
  • Snoop Paws
  • Kitty Shakur
  • Method Meow
  • Biggie Paws
  • Ye Kitty
  • Paw Diddy
  • Kit Cudi
  • Naspurr
  • Chance the Napper
  • Catrick Lamar
  • Purr Z
  • Pawprint
  • Clawlemore
  • Feline Gray
  • Clawvana
  • Litter Wayne
  • Kitty Smalls
  • Paw Chains
  • Tabby Dolla $ign
  • Skee-Lo Paw
  • Kitty Khalifa
  • Whiskers Gibbs
  • Purr-Z
  • Drake Purr
  • Mew Dogg
  • Kanye Paws
  • Travis Paw
  • Whisker Khalifa
  • Future Claw
  • 2Cat Shakur
  • Lil Wayz
  • Purr-Z
  • Lil Purr
  • Kit Mill
  • Tupaws
  • Alan Purrwalker
  • Paw Malone
  • Fur E40
  • Rakitty
  • ParCat Quest
  • Ice Cat
  • Pupaw
  • Murry Meowcury
  • Catmaster Flash
  • T-abby Dog
  • ODB (Ol’ Dirty Cat)
  • Ice P
  • Meowie Wowie
  • Eminemeow
  • Ru Pawl
  • 3 Stacks Cat
  • Kendrick Lameow
  • Unique-Q
  • Emi-paw
  • Beastie Boy
  • Yung Paw
  • Asap Claws
  • Catye West
  • Blobbie Ranks
  • The Clawsy B.I.G.
  • Coolio Claws
  • Ghost Face Kitty
  • Jakitty
  • Nipsey Cat
  • Vic Mensa Tabby
  • Will.i.ameow
  • Twista Cat

Female Rapper Cat Names

Female Rapper Cat Names
Female Rapper Cat Names

Hip-hop isn’t exclusive to hard beats and braggadocio. It’s also home to powerful women who’ve left a mark on the industry.

Just as these ladies channel strength, boldness, and grace, so do our female rapper cat names.

A female rapper cat name reflects her charm and elegance, while also highlighting her strong and fearless nature.

These names make a statement about your cat’s spirit. They take ideas from the women of hip-hop, combining lyrical flair with feminine charm.

Brace yourself for names that pay tribute to rap’s female icons while celebrating your cat’s femininity.

Explore our list of female rapper cat names, each name honoring the strong and stylish spirit of your cat.

  • Clawdia Banks
  • Lil PurrYa
  • Misclawed
  • Queen PurrTeefa
  • Fur-Nick minaj
  • Catgy Azalea
  • Miss Paw Elliott
  • Kitty B
  • Purrpp Dollaz
  • Meowshawna
  • Purr-K
  • Clawina
  • Nitty Kitty
  • Feline
  • Cat Latifah
  • Cool Paw
  • Trina Whiskers
  • Ciara Sip
  • Mewelia Banks
  • Litter Kim
  • Honey Kitty
  • Nicki Minaj Cat
  • E-VKitty
  • Da Bund
  • Catie G
  • Kitty Eve
  • Shawnta Paws
  • MC Cat
  • Kitty Doll
  • Lil Whiska
  • FOXY
  • DJ SpinCat
  • Purr Purr Dolla Sign
  • Saroc Kitty
  • Rah Whiskah
  • Kitty Grae
  • Femine One
  • Purrl D
  • Pawz n’ Effect
  • Clawuoriter
  • Missy Kitty
  • Lizo
  • Cardi Cat
  • DJ Kitty Pryde
  • PurrLi Applebum
  • Rema Meow
  • Latifat Cat
  • Saweeti Kitty
  • Salt-N-Cat
  • Doja Cat (if only)
  • Fergie Fur
  • Junk Kitty
  • Kitten MA
  • PurrFMonifah
  • Amil Pawhouse
  • Lil’ Kim Paw
  • SlayT-N-Teezy
  • PurrNa Kim
  • Lila Meow
  • Rahameow Digga
  • Purr QueenPen
  • Sweetie Paw
  • Mia Kitty Paws
  • RNI Kitty
  • YCN Flo Milli
  • Meowzebel
  • Peppermint Kitty
  • Catliafur
  • Claws MC Lyte
  • Purr Gangsta Boo

Unisex Rapper Cat Names

Unisex Rapper Cat Names
Unisex Rapper Cat Names

If you’re looking for a rapper name that’s for both male and female cats, a unisex rapper cat name is just what you need.

In the world of hip-hop, gender boundaries blur to make way for unique artistic expression.

That’s the same vibe we aim to capture with unisex rapper cat names, they’re all about style and rhythm.

These names are not bound by gender norms, instead, they embrace diversity and self-expression, much like hip-hop itself.

Regardless of whether your cat is an elegant queen or a tough tom, these names celebrate their essence.

Dive into our list of unisex rapper cat names and find the perfect name for your hip-hop-loving cat.

  • Whiska Rhymes
  • MC Paw
  • Kitty Scratch Fever
  • Lil’ Claw X
  • Mew M.A
  • Paw Luv
  • Lil’ Whisker
  • Chance the Cat
  • Cat Z
  • Paw DML
  • Tail Sean
  • Claw Richie
  • Paw Mix-a-Lot
  • Lil’ Skies
  • Pawla Poundstone
  • Paw DMC
  • Clawja B
  • Purr Cardi
  • Litter Mix
  • Pawnny Cash
  • Claw West
  • Pawvonnie
  • Kitty Monet
  • Paw-venchy
  • Pawpy Rexha
  • Kendrick Meowmar
  • Snoop Claws
  • Lil’ Claw Peep
  • Purr Scratch Fever
  • Cat Z
  • Lil’ Paw X
  • Mew Mix-a-Lot
  • Kidd Clawdi
  • Yung Purr
  • Loft Clawb
  • Kitty Pound
  • Lil’ Nibbles
  • Clawda
  • Meow Milli
  • Lil’ Paws
  • Purr Daddy
  • Purr Kanye
  • Mc Purr
  • Purr Scratch Fever
  • Litter Z
  • Paw’s Malone
  • Whiska the Snitch
  • Biggie Paws
  • Kitty West
  • The Clawsmic Cat
  • Cat Sugar
  • Big Whiskers
  • Purr Dr. Claw
  • Whiskerz
  • DJ Tarik
  • Scratcher Pierce
  • MC Scratch
  • Kidd Meow
  • Devilish Paws
  • KottonPaws Gang
  • MC Pounce
  • Claw Khalifa
  • DJ Clawsome
  • Pawper
  • Kitty Fiasco
  • Lil’ Paws
  • Biggie Paw
  • Ice Cat
  • Chris Claws
  • DJ Scratchmaster

Frequently Asked Questions About Unisex Rapper Cat Names

In these FAQs, we had a quick rundown and we have answered your popular queries about rapper cat names.

What are rapper cat names?

Rapper cat names are inspired by famous rappers and the hip-hop culture.

They are a fun and quirky way to name your cat, showing off your love for the hip-hop genre.

How should I choose my rapper cat name?

The best way to choose a rapper cat name is to think about your favorite rappers or features of the hip-hop world that you’d like to embody in your cat’s name, it could be song titles, album names, or slang used in rap.

Are all rapper cat names long?

While some rapper cat names are a pun or play on words that can be longer, there are also simpler and shorter names inspired by rappers like “Drake,” “Nas” or “Ye.”

Are rapper cat names suitable for all cats?

Rapper cat names suit any cat, regardless of its breed, appearance, or personality. Select a name that you feel represents your cat’s character and style.

Can I use my favorite song for a rapper cat name?

Songs hold deep meanings for people and make great names for your cats. You can use the whole song title or just parts of it based on your preference.

Why should I choose a rapper cat name?

Choosing a rapper cat name shows off your love for the music genre and gives your cat a cool identity. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter.

Can I name my cat after a rapper’s stage name?

A rapper’s stage name can directly be used or slightly altered to blend with a cat’s persona like “Lil Meowchy.”

Can I name my cat after a contemporary rapper?

The new-age rap scene has plenty of inspiration for cat names. You can use your favorite modern rapper’s name or some variation of it for your cat.


So we hope this list of rapper cat names has inspired you, and given you the best names that resonate with your cat.

Whatever your taste in hip-hop, be it the old-school legends or the rising stars, there’s a name here to make your cat the talk (or rather, rap) of the town.

Before you go know that naming isn’t about labeling. It’s about capturing the spirit of your cat and your shared bond.

It’s one of the first steps in the incredible journey with your cat. Choose a name inspired by the artistry of hip-hop, and who knows?

The jazzed-up, rhythm-infused atmosphere might turn your purring cat into a free-styling furball.

Please share this list with your friends. Enjoy the naming journey, fellow hip-hop cat lovers! Drop the beat, and let the party start, the hip-hop kitty party, that is!

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