Funny Cat Names: 399+ Funny Names For Your Hilarious Cat

Funny Cat Names: Do you ever look at your cat and think, “Only a cat with traits like yours could get away with this level of mischief”?

If your furball acts like a stand-up comedian, why not celebrate their funny bone with a name to match?

Whether your cat is a prankster or a curious character straight out of a comic strip, we have a name that fits.

Join us as we delve into our treasure trove of hilarious cat names in the great quest of finding the perfect cat name.

Presenting, drumroll, please, our list of the funniest cat names that outshine your cat!

Get ready to laugh out loud, your journey to naming your furry comedian begins here.

Why Choose A Funny Cat Name

Why Choose A Funny Cat Name
Why Choose A Funny Cat Name

Cats aren’t just pets, they’re members of the family. They share our homes and often the way we spend our day.

Given their hilarious behaviors, why not choose a humorous name that reflects their playful nature?

Moreover, a funny name is an excellent ice-breaker at the vet, or during a pet playdate.

It indicates that you don’t regard your cat as a pet but as a friend filled with character that lightens up your life.

Funny Names For Cats

Funny Names For Cats
Funny Names For Cats

Looking for funny cat names that’ll crack a smile every time you call your cat? Something wacky that adds laughter to your conversation?

Personifying the playful personality of our cats through a humorous name brings joy.

Unique and playful, such a name can spark smiles and laughter every time it’s spoken. More than a name, it’s the reflection of your cat’s character.

Each time you call out to your cat, it’ll be a delightful reminder of their lovable quirks!

These funny names are for comic cats that bring laughter and joy wherever they roam.

Find a funny name that encapsulates the giggle-worthy charm of your cat from our list of funny names for cats.

  • Catrick Swayze
  • Fur-dinand
  • Sir Purr-a-Lot
  • Meowsical
  • Paw McCartney
  • Kitty Guard
  • Scratchelor
  • The Great Catsby
  • Meowstery
  • Whiskerdo
  • Purr-culiar
  • Mr. Whiskerson
  • Purrlock Holmes
  • Purr-suasion
  • Pawsanova
  • Santa Claws
  • Purrmione
  • Catsup
  • Catkin Jenner
  • Kitty Perry
  • Sir Scratch-a-lot
  • Hiss Hemsworth
  • Kitty Gaga
  • Clawsome
  • Tabbey Road
  • Cat Damon
  • Clawdia
  • Clawwford
  • Purr Angelou
  • Catniss Everdeen
  • Brandywine
  • Clawdia
  • Cat Banderas
  • Mr. Sirpawsalot
  • Paw Newman
  • Duchess Paw-ssie
  • Cattington
  • Furrette
  • Clawgenegger
  • Whiskery Dickensey
  • Kitty Kureuil
  • Fluffington
  • Pawlaroid
  • Purrson
  • Reowled Dahl
  • Clawlice in Wonderland
  • Furrtiguese
  • Duchess Whiskersroo
  • Madame Cat-ture
  • Kitty Whiskerns
  • Sir Meowstagard
  • Furrlange
  • Dumbleclaw
  • Clawsanova
  • Purrell Williams
  • Meow-nificent
  • Pawsome
  • Purr-nelope
  • Purr-nelope Meowz
  • Furry Spice

Best Funny Cat Names

Best Funny Cat Names
Best Funny Cat Names

Stand out from the rest of the pet-naming crowd and choose a name from our best list of funny cat names.

Imagine calling out a name that will induce giggles and smiles whenever mentioned.

Choosing a funny name reflects not the humor we find in our cats, but also the joy they bring into our lives.

These names, picked for their wit, become the conversation-starters in your friends.

They capture the humor and inherent cuteness of your cat and are sure to leave a mark on anyone who hears it!

Here is our list of the best funny cat names that will bring a smile to everyone’s face as they hear you call out to your cat.

  • Kitty Poppins
  • Sir Fluffington
  • Meowth Brooks
  • Leonardo DiCatrio
  • Chairman Meow
  • Purrnest Hemingway
  • Kitty Purry
  • Purrlonia
  • Whisker-taker
  • Catabunga
  • Cat Benatar
  • Hairy Paw-ter
  • Dumpling
  • Tacocat
  • Miss Mew
  • Jean Clawed Van Damme
  • James Bondage
  • Cleo-cat-tra
  • Cat-titude
  • Jenny-furr
  • Cattrick Furry
  • Bob Meowerly
  • Clawde Monet
  • Furrnando
  • Anna Meowlen
  • Cat Winslet
  • Whiskerus Maximus
  • Catye West
  • Paw McCartney
  • Narwhiskers
  • Cattiopeia
  • Purrstachio
  • Clint Westpaw
  • Knight Rider
  • Catzart
  • JenniPurr Lopez
  • Scratchyadams
  • Furry Pawter
  • Kitty Boo Boo
  • Puma Thurman
  • Whiskerella
  • Catrick Dempurrsey
  • Paw Newman
  • Clawdia Moewnet
  • Bob Meowly
  • Jessica Pawson
  • Meowlice Cooper
  • Clawed Rains
  • Purrsnickety
  • Fleas Witherspoon
  • Paw Bunyan
  • Katy Purry
  • Purriah Pawry
  • Kittykatdashian
  • Margerine
  • Kittizen Kane
  • The Great Catsby
  • Meowcolm X
  • Puma Thurman
  • Bob Scratchit

Cute Funny Cat Names

Cute Funny Cat Names
Cute Funny Cat Names

Cuteness and humor can go hand in hand. Cute funny cat names offer a blend of humor and charm making those clumsy falls more adorable.

Uniting cuteness and humor will make your cat’s name a guaranteed winner.

A name that captures your cat’s charm and its knack for humor brings out the best of both worlds.

It’s a nod to your cat’s qualities and a perfect mix for a cat that melts hearts and brings laughter to your home.

The perfect name is a wordplay that even your cat would purr in appreciation for.

Now take a pawse and dive into our list of cute funny cat names that guarantee to tickle your funny bone.

  • Pawprika
  • Cinna-bun
  • Catserole
  • Purrincess
  • Kittles
  • Whiskerdu
  • Purrly
  • Meowsie
  • Purrnilla
  • Kitten-caboodle
  • Meowful
  • Fluffer-nutter
  • Purr-fect
  • Whisker-biscuit
  • Purr-dy
  • Fuzzy-wuzzy
  • Meowzers
  • Purr-ball
  • Kitty-Witty
  • Mr. Fluffypants
  • Cupcake
  • Soft Serve
  • Butterball
  • Snowflake
  • Cuddle Bug
  • Love Bug
  • Meowlixir
  • Fluffington
  • Purrmeleon
  • Whiskerbell
  • Smooshy Face
  • Snuggle Bear
  • Cuddle Muffin
  • Meowly Cyrus
  • Skitty-kitty
  • Paw-some
  • Whiskerella
  • Frisky Whiskey
  • Purr-tato Chip
  • Whiskertiti
  • Purry Winkle
  • Meowffins
  • Purrnament
  • Purrsonnet
  • Pawssible
  • Meowllennium
  • Squirt
  • Lil’ Whiskers
  • Kit-n-Caboodle
  • WhiskerMinx
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Baby-Cakes
  • Scratch-a-doodle-doo
  • Pawpcorn
  • Glitter-paws
  • Meowlicious
  • Pudding Pop
  • Whisker-do
  • Cuddles-a-lot
  • Pawsie Smoochie

Funny Cat Names Male

Funny Cat Names Male
Funny Cat Names Male

Looking for a name that matches the playful bounce in your male kitty’s pounce? Our magic hat of funny cat names is at your service!

Your playful and energetic male cat deserves a name that’s as vivacious and quirky as he is.

A funny name amplifies your cat’s bubbly personality and marks it with a unique identity.

Choose a name that captures their feline energy, enriched by their hilarious pranks.

A name that marks their territory in the kingdom, while adding a crown of charm to their royal mischief.

Whether it’s a twist on a celebrity’s name or a reference to a funny tale, their name will burst with laughter.

Rub your palms and prepare to chuckle out loud at our list of funny cat names for male cats. Your journey towards an amazing christening continues here.

  • Clawsimodo
  • Purr-fection
  • Mewbacca
  • Flufflepuff
  • Sir Scratch-a-lot
  • Pawl Bunyan
  • Kwantum Leaf
  • Purrby
  • Catniss Mewrdeen
  • Mewves Bond
  • Fang Shway
  • Feline Musk
  • Picasso Paw
  • Paw Bunyan
  • Luke Skywhisker
  • Don Drapurr
  • Genghis Khat
  • James Frond
  • Cat-man-do
  • Marlon Brando
  • Bark Twain
  • Paw McCartney
  • Chat Connery
  • Cat Sajak
  • Hiss Hemsworth
  • Buttinsky
  • Pawblo Picasso
  • Sir Purrceval
  • Levar Purrton
  • Sir Bermuda
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Meowl Gibson
  • Jon Paw Jovi
  • Miles Meower
  • Meowhammad Ali
  • Flealick
  • Meowbien
  • Meow Bruce Willis
  • Leonardo DiCatprio
  • Cat Stevens
  • Catman Scruthers
  • Catrick Stewart
  • Abdul Meawab
  • Lefurr James
  • Wigglebert
  • Silvestpurr
  • Sir-Barks-Alot
  • Catrick Swazie
  • AristoCat
  • Cat Damon
  • David Meowie
  • Luke Skywhisker
  • Elvis Pawsley
  • Mick Jaguar
  • Purrlock Holmes
  • Yarn Connery
  • Puma Thurman
  • Lionel Itchy
  • Benito Meowsolini
  • Catpuccino

Funny Cat Names Female

Funny Cat Names Female
Funny Cat Names Female

Female cats have a touch of boundless charm. What better way to celebrate this than with a funny name that fits their personality?

Celebrate the spirit of your sassy female kitty with a name filled with humor! Think of a name that mixes her elegance and her comic-strip-worthy tricks.

A humorous name is the perfect way to capture her feminine grace and assertive demeanor.

Imagine a name that makes you giggle whenever you call her, and underlines her free spirit.

A burst of humor, femininity, and personality, that’s the recipe for a perfect name for your female cat.

Journey through our list of funny cat names for female cats striking the balance of humor and beauty.

  • Cleo-cat-tra
  • Purr-snickety
  • Lady Meowford
  • Kitty Midleton
  • Pawdrey Hepburn
  • Meowgan Fox
  • Jenny-purr Aniston
  • Butter-purr
  • Kitty Pawlitzer
  • Pawline Cattress
  • Sassy Pants
  • Purr Diem
  • Pawdrey Hepburn
  • Kitty Smalls
  • Purr-nelope Cruz
  • Kelly Kapurrkski
  • Meowrissa Twain
  • Cat Middleton
  • Kitty Paw-nettie
  • Cat Winslet
  • Scarlett Jo-meowsson
  • Cat Blanchett
  • Meowllory Clinton
  • Diane Kitten
  • Ali McCute
  • Elizabeth Tailyour
  • Whispurr
  • Jessie-cat Spano
  • Clawdia Schiffer
  • Jenni-purr Aniston
  • Lady Meowralda
  • Cat-herine Zeta-Jones
  • Princess Whiskers
  • Pawla Deen
  • Jenni-purr Lopez
  • Cat-rina
  • Purr-nelope
  • Cat-aleya
  • Purr-l
  • Meowla
  • Oprah Win-furry
  • Femme Paw-tale
  • Rachel Ma-claw-dams
  • Kitty-lina Jolie
  • Cat-nelope Cruz
  • Butter-scratch
  • Scribbles
  • Meowdonna
  • Prima-cat-arina
  • Cat-prisun
  • Claw-meleon
  • Cat-arina
  • Meowg-an
  • Paw-netto
  • Whis-purr
  • Purr-kins
  • Meow-li
  • Meow-rie
  • Claw-di
  • Scratch-Me-Not

Funny Unisex Cat Names

Funny Unisex Cat Names
Funny Unisex Cat Names

Not particularly bothered about gender-specific names? Then our trove of unisex funny names will tickle your funny bone just right!

A well-picked unisex name captures the goofiness and charm of your cat, be it a tom or a queen!

Such a name celebrates your cat’s traits, slipping into your life and drawing smiles along the way.

Look for a name that is a tribute to their charming qualities and celebrates their feline nature.

A name that fits into your everyday life and yet adds a touch of humor every time it’s spoken.

Get ready to explore our list of funny unisex cat names and celebrate your cats, regardless of their gender.

  • Cat-Stronaut
  • Hissy Elliot
  • Scratch Adams
  • Pablo Picatso
  • Santa Claws
  • Gucci Meown
  • Purr-nchline
  • Meowzart
  • Scratchelorette
  • Kitty Holmes
  • Paw Dameron
  • Kitney Spears
  • Purrlock Holmes
  • Catpurnicus
  • Muffin-top
  • Catbernet
  • The Great Catsby
  • Cat-man-do
  • Catorade
  • Scratchcard
  • Catillac
  • Terry Furr
  • Gatowlino
  • Catfucius
  • Meowzart
  • Cattitude
  • Purr-version
  • Paw Newman
  • Gutterball
  • Katy Peary
  • Bob Scratchit
  • Kit-e-kat
  • Crackles
  • Sir Purrzalot
  • Mewlis Purrillous
  • Purrfecto
  • Purr-aclete
  • Cat-lediction
  • Purr-mageddon
  • Purr Cursor
  • Cat-ssandra
  • Mewscow
  • Cat-apult
  • Incogni-toe
  • Meow-di Gras
  • Bob Catpenter
  • Paw-tergeist
  • Scatterpaws
  • Catman and Purrbin
  • David Meowie
  • Clawdia Jung
  • Catticus Finch
  • Catzilla
  • Hiss-torical
  • Cat-a-pult
  • Catnip Everclear
  • Kit Cat
  • Kitty Galore
  • Catamere
  • Clawdia Jung

Funny Cat Names In Other Languages

Funny Cat Names In Other Languages
Funny Cat Names In Other Languages

Colorful and diverse, languages around the world offer many amusing name opportunities. You could stumble upon humorous phrases, all awaiting to become your cat’s identity.

This is a fun way to include your cat’s heritage or twitch the cattish sly grin with an international twist.

It’s not just an amusing name, it’s a fun way to honor your cat’s heritage or infuse flavor into their personality.

Let the world unite in chuckles at your feline’s name. Each laugh becomes a ripple of mirth spreading across the globe!

Explore our list of funny cat names in other languages. It’s time to pack your bags for a laughter-filled, global tour of cat names!

And remember, naming your cat isn’t a tick box, it’s a journey, a story, a laugh-fest. So let’s make it pawsome!

  • Felicette (French) – a playful spin on the common French cat name Félix, from the famous Félix the Cat character.
  • Katzenjammer (German) – translates to “cat’s wail,” a comical name for a vocal cat.
  • Gattino Cappuccino (Italian) – a funny name combining “little cat” with the popular coffee drink.
  • Kotlet (Polish) – a play on the words “kot” (cat) and “kotlet” (cutlet), perfect for a cat that loves food.
  • Miaucho Libre (Spanish) – inspired by the famous Mexican wrestler, Nacho Libre, for a cat with fancy moves.
  • Cheshireko (Russian) – influenced by the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, adding a Russian touch with “ko.”
  • Chatouiller (French) – means “to tickle,” a cute name for a cat that loves to play and make you laugh.
  • Meowchelin (Portuguese) – combining the word “meow” with the name of a famous tire brand for a speedy cat.
  • Kattenbak (Dutch) – translates to “cat litter box,” a humorous name for a messy, yet lovable, feline.
  • Gatto Gelato (Italian) – means “Icecream Cat”, a play on words for a cat who melts your heart.
  • Kätzchen Kugelschreiber (German) – translates to “Kitten Pen,” a playful name for a cat that enjoys “writing” on surfaces with their paws.
  • Purrolento (Spanish) – a combination of “purr” and “lento” (slow), for a laid-back, purring machine.
  • Miyauschwitz (Japanese) – a unique combination of “meow” and “Auschwitz” for a cat with an attitude!
  • Griffeur (French) – means “scratcher,” well-suited for a cat with sharp claws and a need to mark its territory.
  • Chiến mèo (Vietnamese) – translates to “warrior cat,” ideal for a fearless feline with a fighting spirit.
  • Kattastrofe (Swedish) – a play on “catastrophe” in Swedish, for a cat full of antics.
  • Schmuserolle (German) – combining “Schmusen” (cuddling) and “Rolle” (role), perfect for an affectionate cat.
  • Ronronneur (French) – means “purrer,” given to a cat who loves to purr and relax.
  • Pörröttäjä (Finnish) – translates to “fluff maker,” a fun name for a fluffy cat that leaves hair everywhere.
  • Gato Guapo (Spanish) – means “handsome cat,” perfect for a confident and charming feline.
  • Kätzchen Kaboom (German) – “Vielfraß” means an explosion, suitable for a cat with tons of energy and excitement.
  • Kattdräm (Swedish) – translates to “Cat dream,” an adorable name for a cat that captures your heart.
  • Kakatua Kot (Indonesian) – inspired by “kakatua” (cockatoo) and “kot” (cat), suitable for a cat with a bird-like personality.
  • Cotofanăr (Romanian) – translating to “fluffy tree,” for a fluffy cat with a love for climbing trees.
  • Gatto Saltarino (Italian) – means “jumping cat” for feline acrobats.
  • Gatti Espía (Spanish) – translates to “Spy Cat,” perfect for a sneaky feline that loves to lurk around.
  • Kot Szirom (Hungarian) – meaning “Petal Cat,” perfect for a delicate and graceful cat.
  • Fuspäls (Swedish) – a blend of “fus” (fuss) and “päls” (fur), this funny name suits a cat that loves attention and grooming.
  • Catstard (Hebrew) – playing on “mustard” with a feline flair, for a cat with a tangy personality.
  • Kot Purlovich (Kot Purlovich, Russian) – a playful twist on “Pavlov” combined with purring, fitting for an intelligent, happy cat.
  • Gatochimichurri (Spanish) – inspired by the Argentine sauce, chimichurri, and “gato” (cat) for a seasoned kitty.
  • Kotek Cukierek (Polish) – translating to “Candy Kitten” for a sweet and affectionate cat.
  • Miyavlayan (Turkish) – means “meowing,” for a cat that loves to communicate with its meows.
  • Miaurakl (Norwegian) – a blend of “meow” and “miracle,” apt for a cat that brings happiness into your life.
  • Gato Tocino (Spanish) – translates to “Bacon Cat,” intriguing for a cat that loves breakfast hours.
  • Mato Meowkinson (Brazilian) – a play on the popular brand “Havaianas” translated to a cat name.
  • Kattenkampioen (Dutch) – means “Cat Champion,” for a cat that wins at everything.
  • Miaukeyss (Greek) – inspired by the ancient Greek god Ares and “meow.”
  • Billi Bistar (Billī Bistar, Hindi) – translates to “Bed Cat,” for a kitty who loves to sleep a lot.
  • Kisza Kremówka (Polish) – inspired by “kremówka” (cream), this name is fitting for a cat with a creamy coat.
  • Kitschige Katze (German) – means “Tacky Cat,” a hilarious name for a cat with an odd style.
  • Gatopardot (Hebrew) – a mix of a gatopard, a leopard, and a “dot” (cat) for a cat with spots.
  • Kurtkopru Kat (Turkish) – a blend of the famous Turkish singer “Barış Manço” and “Kat” (cat).
  • Bruxameows (Portuguese) – a mix of “Bruxa” (witch) and “meows” for a cat with magical powers.
  • Kattenstrel (Danish) – a blend of “katten” (the cat) and “strel” (arrow), suitable for a cat that moves with speed and precision.
  • Chatpatate (French) – a blend of “chat” (cat) and “patate” (potato) for a cat that’s both adorable and funny.
  • Katetheniko (Greek) – a fun mix of “kataigída” (storm) and “theniko” (cat) for a cat that brings energy and excitement.
  • Gato Salsita (Spanish) – combining “gato” (cat) and “salsa” for a flavorful cat.
  • Katastisch (Dutch) – derived from the words “cat” and “fantastic,” ideal for a cat that simply tops everything.
  • Gattopanzé (Italian) – derived from the Italian fairy tale “Gattopardo” and “panza” (belly), perfect for a chubby, friendly feline.
  • Kotykaat (Czech) – a blend of “Kotě” (kitten) and “kat” (cat) for an ever-playful feline.
  • Kattesprød (Danish) – blending “katte” (cat) and “sprød” (crispy), suitable for a cat with a peculiar trait.
  • Mačka Smokolino (Croatian) – inspired by the chocolate brand “Smoki” and “mačka” (cat), for a cat that loves sweets.
  • Miauracilka (Polish) – a unique blend of “meow” and “racilka” (little bag) for a small, expressive cat.
  • Māo à la mode (Chinese) – inspired by “ice cream à la mode,” it’s a stylish cat.
  • Kot Daedanhan (Kot Daedanhan, Korean) – (daedanhan) means “great,” ideal for an exceptional cat.
  • Češki Zad (Cheški Zad, Serbian) – a play on the words “jastuk” (pillow) and “chashka” (cup) for a cozy cat.
  • Miauwhunu (Maori) – merges “miaow” and “atawhai” (caregiver), ideal for a nurturing and loving cat.
  • Gatto Brontolone (Italian) – translates to “Grumpy Cat,” a perfect match for a cat with a sass.
  • Piżmak Kot (Polish) – translating to “Musk Cat,” for a feline with a strong scent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funny Cat Names

In these FAQs, we have given insightful answers to all the burning questions you have about funny cat names.

How do I choose a funny cat name?

Choosing a funny cat name can be done by observing your cat’s behavior, personality, or unique physical attributes.

You could also select a name inspired by funny characters or puns from your favorite TV shows, movies, or books.

Are there funny cat names based on celebrities?

Names based on celebrities’ names, such as “Purrnip McGregor”, “Fleas Witherspoon”, or “JenniFUR Aniston” are popular funny cat names.

Can I name my cat after a funny character from a movie or TV show?

Many pet owners name their cats after humorous characters from their favorite movies or TV shows. For example, “Garfield”, “Puss in Boots”, or “Cheshire”.

What are some funny cat names in other languages?

Names like “Gato Guapo” (Handsome Cat in Spanish), “Komik Kedi” (Comic Cat in Turkish), or “Lustige Katze” (Funny Cat in German), are fun cat names in other languages.

Should a cat’s personality affect its funny name?

A cat’s personality, behavior, or distinctive traits often inspire the perfect funny cat name.

Do funny cat names affect a cat’s behavior?

A cat’s name does not impact its behavior. Cats respond to the tone and frequency of your voice rather than the meaning of the name.

How do I teach my cat its new funny name?

You can teach your cat its new name by repeatedly using it during positive experiences like feeding or playing.

Can I give my cat a funny name with more than one word?

You can give your cat a funny name with more than one word, but for ease of training, it’s simpler to use a short, one or two syllable name. Examples include “Sir Meowsalot” or “Lady Purrington”.


So in the grand scheme of pet ownership, naming your new cat should be one of the more enjoyable tasks.

It’s an opportunity to reflect on your cat’s qualities and the joy they bring into your life. And what better way to celebrate your feline’s humorous tricks than by choosing a funny name?

We hope our list of funny cat names sparked your creativity and brought a smile to your face.

Whether your cat is a diva, a jester, or a mix of both, they deserve a name that’s as unique and entertaining as they are.

Before you leave, know that the name you choose will echo throughout your home for years (and laughs) to come.

So make it a good one, make it a funny one, and make it a name that encapsulates the adorable essence of your cat.

Don’t forget to spread laughter by sharing this post with your friends and other cat parents.

Keep the humor alive and cherish each chuckle your furry feline brings your way. Until next time, keep laughing and keep purring.

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