Jamaican Cat Names: 330+ Funny Cat Names From Jamaica

Jamaican Cat Names: Welcome to the land of irie vibes and rhythm, Jamaica! If there’s one thing Jamaica is famous for, it’s their culture.

And, that culture translates into naming our cats. A cool Jamaican cat name takes you to the sun-soaked beaches and chill vibes of Jamaica.

Jamaican cat names offer a fresh twist on pet naming, and hey, who doesn’t like a good laugh when calling out their cat?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing a fun list of Jamaican cat names that are unique, funny, and very, very Jamaican.

Now get ready for a ride into the world of Jamaican cat names! Dive into our list of delightful and humorously creative Jamaican cat names.

You might find yourself giggling and your glasses coated in tears of mirth. Here, culture fuses with nature all set to create names for your cat! Let’s whisk away to Jamaica, mon!

Understanding Jamaican Culture

Understanding Jamaican Culture
Understanding Jamaican Culture

Jamaica, a vibrant island nation in the Caribbean, is heralded worldwide for its scenery, music, and distinct dialect.

The Jamaican culture embodies a dynamic mix of influences, making it a treasure chest of unique names and words that are suitable for your cat.

Funny Jamaican Cat Names

Funny Jamaican Cat Names
Funny Jamaican Cat Names

Cats somehow have that innate ability to make us laugh with their adorable tricks. So, why not give them a name that matches their fun and playful nature?

Injecting humor into your cat’s name will make your cat’s identity much more fun and enjoyable.

And when it comes to humor, there’s no language more expressive, rhythmic, and comically rich than Jamaican Patois.

The Jamaican dialect packed with everyday terms will add a unique twist to your feline’s name.

You’d be surprised how these words transform into feline names that not only make you grin but also evoke a Jamaican essence.

Immerse in our list of funny Jamaican cat names, each promising to add a dash of Caribbean humor to your home.

  • Ackee
  • Bammy
  • Bobo
  • Bully Beef
  • Bussa
  • Callaloo
  • Dutchie
  • Escovitch
  • Fizzla
  • Ganja
  • Gimme
  • Jabbie
  • Janga
  • Jerk
  • Jook
  • Likkle
  • Mento
  • Obeah
  • Patwah
  • Pimento
  • Rasta
  • Rum
  • Saltfish
  • Shak-Shak
  • Ting
  • Wray
  • Yabba
  • Zungo
  • Bwoy
  • Irie
  • Unno
  • Usain
  • Lick
  • Duppy
  • Nuff
  • Skankin’
  • Leggo
  • Overproof
  • Mek
  • Pupa
  • Cho
  • Froots
  • Skellion
  • Wuk
  • Brawta
  • Boops
  • Jammin’
  • Rahtid
  • Curry
  • Boomshot
  • Egg Nog
  • Flex
  • Breeze
  • Kutchie
  • Nyabinghi
  • Pardy
  • Spiffy
  • Shaggy
  • Stew Peas
  • Dutty
  • Anancy
  • Peas N’ Rice
  • Rocksteady
  • Maroons
  • Mento
  • Riddim
  • Chune
  • Marley
  • Toots
  • Belafonte
  • Trenchtown
  • Zion
  • Ital
  • Mampy
  • Nyam
  • Outta
  • Rice n’ Peas
  • Satta
  • Sweetie
  • Tuff Gong
  • Uptown
  • Woodfire
  • Yardman
  • Ripe Banana
  • Likky Likky
  • Mi Deh Yah
  • Natty
  • Quashi
  • Tosh
  • One Love

Jamaican Cat Names Male

Jamaican Cat Names Male
Jamaican Cat Names Male

If your furry knight is a male, then you need the perfect Jamaican name for him. You want a male cat name that matches his strength

Your tomcat deserves nothing but the coolest name, one that captures the charm of the Jamaican accent.

A Jamaican male cat name that reflects his strength or playful nature is the perfect choice for your cat.

Jamaican culture is filled with iconic male figures, from musicians to athletes, who can serve as inspiration for your cat’s name.

Consider your male cat’s unique traits and behaviors, and find a name that captures his essence.

Look to Jamaican legends or local jargon for inspiration. Choosing such a name pays tribute to your cat while adding a Jamaican touch.

Dive into Jamaican male cat names and leave no stone unturned until you find the name that would make your kitty purr with joy!

  • Kingston: Named after the vibrant capital city of Jamaica.
  • Montego: Short for Montego Bay, known for its rich history, stunning beaches, and golf courses.
  • Marlon: A popular male name in Jamaica, which may remind of the famous Jamaican actor Marlon Wayans.
  • Shabba: Influenced by Shabba Ranks, a famous Jamaican dancehall musician.
  • Bolt: A tribute to Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world!
  • Jah: Shortening of Jahweh (God) – commonly used in reggae music.
  • Cliff: An ode to Jimmy Cliff, a multi-faceted Jamaican musician and actor.
  • Damian: Named after Damian Marley, son of Bob Marley and a successful reggae artist in his own right.
  • Kaya: Jamaican term, also the title of a Bob Marley’s album.
  • Peter: Derived from Peter Tosh, a well-known reggae musician.
  • Lennox: After Lennox Lewis, a former professional boxer who represented both England and Canada.
  • Bluefield: Bluefields is a peaceful coastal town in Jamaica with beautiful natural scenery.
  • Bounty: Refering to Bounty Killer, an influential Jamaican dancehall artist.
  • Halfway: Halfway Tree is a neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Trojan: Named for Trojan Records which helped popularize Jamaican music in the UK in the 70s and 80s.
  • Armageddeon: Jamaican term for final judgment in Rastafarian belief.
  • Barrington: From Barrington Levy, a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist.
  • Capleton: Named after popular reggae and dancehall artist, Capleton.
  • Clancy: The Clancy Eccles was a Jamaican ska and reggae singer, songwriter, arranger, and promoter.
  • Dandy: Dandy Livingston was a British-Jamaican musician and producer in reggae and dub music.
  • Everton: A common male name in Jamaica. Everton Blender is a popular reggae singer.
  • Garnett: From Garnett Silk, a well-known reggae musician.
  • Hopeton: Refers to Hopeton Lewis, a Jamaican singer.
  • Inner: Drawn from the Inner Circle, a successful Jamaican reggae band formed in 1968.
  • Junior: Refers to the name Junior Reid, a Jamaican reggae and dancehall musician.
  • Keith: Named after Keith Hudson, a Jamaican reggae artist and record producer.
  • Luciano: A reference to Luciano, a well-known roots reggae artist.
  • Mikey: After Mikey Dread, a Jamaican reggae artist.
  • Ninjaman: Famous Jamaican dancehall DJ and actor Ninjaman.
  • Pablo: In honor of reggae artist Augustus Pablo.
  • Romain: Named after Romain Virgo, a reggae artist from Jamaica.
  • Sergeant: As a mark of respect to the military profession.
  • Tommy: Named after Tommy McCook, a foundational member of The Skatalites.
  • UB40: An English reggae and pop band who have been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album four times.
  • Vybz: Short for Vybz Kartel, an influential figure in dancehall music.
  • Winston: A reference to ‘Winston Rodney’, known as ‘Burning Spear’, a leading name in roots reggae.
  • Xterminator: A nod to the Xterminator producer.
  • Yellowman: Named after Yellowman, a well-known dancehall reggae performer.
  • Zephaniah: Drawn from Benjamin Zephaniah, a British writer and dub poet.
  • Ini Kamoze: Famous for his signature song “Here Comes the Hotstepper”.
  • Linton: Refers to Linton Kwesi Johnson, a well-known dub poet and activist.
  • Ocho Rios: A tourist destination famous for its beautiful beaches and resorts.
  • Raekwon: A famous rapper and a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, not Jamaican, but the name could fit to a Jamaica theme.
  • Tego: From Tego Calderón, a popular Latin American musician who has collaborated with several reggae artists.
  • U-Roy: A renowned Jamaican MC who is a pioneer of toasting.
  • Popcaan: A popular dancehall artist from Jamaica.
  • Capelton: Drawing from Capelton, a well-known reggae and dancehall artist.
  • Masicka: One of the freshest talents on the dancehall scene today.
  • Beenie: A tribute to Beenie Man, prominent dancehall artist.
  • Buju: A reference to Buju Banton, a famous Jamaican dancehall and reggae musician.
  • Gully: Term used to describe slum areas in Jamaica.
  • Squash: A rising dancehall artist from Jamaica.
  • Vershon: Up-and-coming dancehall artist from Jamaica.
  • Portmore: It’s a large dormitory town near Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Trelawny: Parish in Jamaica well known for being the birthplace of multiple Olympic sprinters.
  • Denbigh: A famous agricultural show in Jamaica.
  • Ewarton: A small community in the Jamaican parish of Saint Catherine.
  • Falmouth: A coastal town known for being one of Caribbean’s best-preserved Georgian towns.
  • Grange: A tribute to Hon. Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, the Jamaican Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport.
  • Maxfield: Maxfield Avenue is a notoriously tough neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica that has given rise to many famous dancehall and reggae artists.
  • Caveman: A popular sound system and record label in Jamaica.
  • Romeich: After Romeich Major, successful promoter and producer in the Jamaican music scene.
  • Dutty Rock: Named for Sean Paul’s Grammy-winning album.
  • Penthouse: The record label that has contributed to the careers of many successful reggae artists.
  • Rockfort: A community in east Kingston notable for its historic fort.
  • Stone Love: A well-known Jamaican sound system.
  • Tuff Scout: A well-liked London-based reggae label.
  • Uptempo: Commonly used term in music that could make for a cool cat name, describes an increased pace in music rhythm.
  • Big Ship: A record label and the name of Freddie McGregor’s hit song.
  • Downbeat: A term used in music. Also, the name of a long-lasting sound system in NY.
  • Jammys: Named after one of the best reggae producers, King Jammy.
  • Run Things: A phrase often used in dancehall music.
  • King Tubbys: An influential Jamaican sound engineer and producer.
  • Volcano: The name of a prominent reggae record label—Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes’ Volcano.
  • Stur Gav: Stur-Gav Hi-Fi is a famous sound system in Jamaica.
  • Soul Syndicate: Soul Syndicate Band, also known as the Rhythm Raiders, were the resident band at Channel One Studios.
  • Java: Named for one of Augustus Pablo’s hit songs, “Java”.
  • Xterminator: A record label run by reggae producer Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell.
  • Yellow Bird: After the famous Jamaican folk song “Yellow Bird”.
  • Mad Professor: A Guyanese dub producer who collaborated with Jamaican artists.
  • Don Drummond: A Jamaican ska trombonist and composer.
  • Hope Road: The location of the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.
  • Federal: Federal Records was the first studio in Jamaica that offered complete recording services.
  • Treasure Isle: A popular record label in Jamaica in the 1960s.
  • Dynamics: Dynamics Sounds, top-class recording studio and label.
  • Channel One: A famous record label and studio based in Kingston.
  • Beverley’s: Named after Beverley’s Records, a Jamaican record label.
  • Gay Feet: An iconic rocksteady label from the 1960s.
  • Techniques: The name of the label that produced some vital music in the rocksteady and early reggae period.
  • Studio One: Named after legendary Studio One that released numerous iconic reggae, ska, and rocksteady songs.

Jamaican Cat Names Female

Jamaican Cat Names Female
Jamaican Cat Names Female

Your female cat, with her grace and fierce spirit, deserves a name that reflects her unique beauty.

The queens of the Caribbean need names that resonate with beauty, rhythm, and flair, like the island’s enchanting women.   

Jamaican culture is rich with powerful women, which can serve as the perfect inspiration for your female cat’s name.

From the island queens to its iconic singers, there are many female figures that inspire a beautiful Jamaican name for your cat.

Whether she’s as graceful as a hummingbird or as feisty as a pepper pot, there’s a Jamaican name that suits her.

Delve into our list of Jamaican cat names for female cats, each one honoring the charm of Jamaican women.

  • Havana: After the capital city of Cuba, symbolizing Caribbean charm.
  • Imani: A Swahili term meaning “faith” often used in Jamaica.
  • Portia: Named after Portia Simpson-Miller, the first female Prime Minister of Jamaica.
  • Koffee: Based on Koffee, the youngest person and only woman to win the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.
  • Marcia: A tribute to Marcia Griffiths, a successful female singer in the reggae genre.
  • Claire: Named after Claire Marshall, a famous Jamaican news reporter.
  • Gloria: Named after Gloria May Joseph Franklin, a Jamaican-born nurse known for her community work.
  • Lisa: Referring to Lisa Hanna, a Jamaican politician and beauty queen.
  • Patra: After Lady Patra, a popular female dancehall and reggae artist in the 90s.
  • Queen Ifrica: Named after the famous reggae singer and deejay.
  • Rita: A tribute to Rita Marley, wife of Bob Marley and a member of the I Threes.
  • Tufflion: Combining “tuff” slang for tough or cool – and “lion”, a symbol of Rastafarian strength and divinity.
  • Alaine: Named after Alaine Laughton, female dancehall and reggae artist.
  • Sherine: Named after television sports reporter Sherine Williams.
  • Tanya: After Tanya Stephens, an influential reggae artist.
  • Patsy: Referencing Patsy Tod, a famous reggae singer from Jamaica in the 1970s.
  • Ariel: It’s the name of a popular character in The Little Mermaid, symbolizing beauty, independence, and charm.
  • Belinda: Named after Jamaican athletics champion, Belinda Hope.
  • Kiki: This can mean “precious” in some African cultures.
  • Dawn: Named after Dawn Penn, well-known reggae and rocksteady performer.
  • Essence: To remind of the “essence” of Jamaica’s spirit and culture.
  • Grace: Named after Grace Jones, a Jamaican singer, supermodel, and actress.
  • Serena: A nod to Serena Williams, an honorary Jamaican through her frequent visits to the island.
  • Negril: Named after Negril, a small but widely recognized town in Jamaica famous for its beautiful beaches.
  • Kingstonia: For a cat with the spirit of Jamaica’s capital, Kingston.
  • Jamila: This is Arabic for “beautiful.”
  • Jada: Short, sweet, and shared with Jada Pinkett Smith, who is of Jamaican ancestry.
  • Ivory: Refers to both the creamy-white color and the material used in jewelry and decorations.
  • Yendi: Named in honor of Yendi Philips, former Miss Jamaica.
  • Amoy: Means “lovable” and “beautiful” in Chinese.
  • Blue Mountain: After the most extended mountain range in Jamaica, known for its coffee.
  • Caribbean: Indicates the spirit of the Caribbean sea, that surrounds Jamaica.
  • Etana: To honor Etana, a popular reggae singer and songwriter.
  • Faith: Showcasing a strong belief or trust.
  • Hope: Represents optimism and positivity, just like Jamaica’s native spirit.
  • Itana: An alternate spelling of Etana, linking back to the reggae artist.
  • Joy: Indicates happiness and delight.
  • Kingston Lady: A tribute to the strong and influential women from Kingston.
  • Lucea Girl: This would be an excellent name for a fun, lively cat, named after the charming coastal town Lucea.
  • Montego Maiden: For a cat with the laid back style of Montego Bay.
  • Nyah: Coming from the Rastafarian language, meaning “queen.”
  • Ochi Belle: Named after Ocho Rios, a beautiful town in Jamaica known for its waterfall.
  • Portia Purr: Combining Portia Simpson-Miller’s influence and the purring of a cat.
  • Queenston: Merging “queen” and “Kingston”, indicating a queenly cat from Kingston.
  • Rasta Lady: Celebrates the Rastafarian culture.
  • Spice: Spice is known as the “Queen of Dancehall,” she is one of the most popular females in the genre.
  • Toshia: An endearing female alternative of Peter Tosh, the reggae artist.
  • Usainia: A playful, feminine tribute to legendary sprinter, Usain Bolt.
  • Nanny: Named after Queen Nanny, a national heroine of Jamaica.
  • Voicemail: An influential dancehall group from Jamaica.
  • Ishawna: One of the more controversial figures in dancehall music.
  • Lorna: A reference to Lorna Goodison, Jamaica’s second female poet laureate.
  • Natty Queen: A tribute to the Rastafarian culture and the power of the queen.
  • Reggae Empress: Honors the role that females have played in reggae music.
  • Sista Charm: Gives a nod to the charm and strength of Jamaican women.
  • Cocoa: Named after one of Jamaica’s major agricultural exports.
  • Rum Cake: A favorite food in Jamaican cuisine, this name is perfect for a sweet and lovable feline.
  • Sugar Cane: Another significant agricultural crop in Jamaica.
  • Oracabessa: A small Jamaican town that James Bond author Ian Fleming called home.
  • Calabash: A fruit-bearing tree found throughout Jamaica; its gourd-like fruit is used for various purposes.
  • Hibiscus: After the tropical plant frequently found in Jamaica.
  • Pearl: Represents value and uniqueness.
  • Lady Saw: From Marion Hall, known professionally as Lady Saw, she is a dancehall legend.
  • Empress Menen: Asfaw was the wife of the Rastafarian messiah-figure Haile Selassie I.
  • Jah9: A popular reggae artist who promotes health and wellness as major themes in her music.
  • Sizzla: A famous reggae artist known for his prolific work rate.
  • Cecile: Named after Ce’Cile, one of the more prominent women in the dancehall genre.
  • D’Angel: Pop and reggae singer Michelle Downer adopted this stage name.
  • Nadine: Honoring Nadine Sutherland, known for her singing and acting career.
  • Jimmy Cliff: At first, it seems a man’s name, but Cliff’s feminine sound makes it perfect for a female cat.
  • YolanDa: Jamaican-born British saxophonist, YolanDa Brown.
  • Queen Ifrica: She is a reggae singer and deejay oozing soul and style.
  • Lorna Bennett: She’s a reggae singer who topped the Jamaican charts in the seventies.
  • Phyllis Dillon: Known as the “Queen of Rocksteady,” she had a beautiful, captivating voice.
  • Sister Nancy: A famous female voice in reggae music, known for her hit “Bam Bam.”
  • Marcia Griffiths: She has had a series of successful hits and is also known for popularizing the “Electric Boogie” dance.
  • Millie Small: She was a reggae and ska singer, notably known for her hit “My Boy Lollipop.”
  • Pam Hall: A reggae and jazz singer often collaborating with other artists.
  • Sophia George: She’s a singer best known for her 1985 hit “Girlie Girlie.”
  • Dawn Penn: Famous for her rocksteady style and her hit “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No).”
  • Carlene Davis: Reggae singer noted for her spiritual and inspirational themes.
  • Tarrus Riley: While better known as a male reggae singer, Tarrus could serve as a unique female cat name as well.
  • Lady G: She’s a dancehall and reggae deejay known for her feminist stance.
  • Lady Ann: A veteran reggae artist who broke barriers for women in the genre.
  • Eklypse: Named after Eklypse, a Jamaican singer and songwriter.
  • QQ: The stage name of a dancehall artist who started in music young and was named “cutest child in Jamaica.”
  • Sevana: A contemporary reggae artist with a warm and soothing sound.
  • Naomi: Among the latest reggae stars, Naomi Cowan is known for her soulful voice.
  • Lila Iké: One of the newest reggae sensations making waves with her powerful and emotive voice.
  • Jah Vinci: Better known as a male artist, but the name has a feminine ring and a cool association.

Unisex Jamaican Cat Names

Unisex Jamaican Cat Names
Unisex Jamaican Cat Names

On an island where diversity is a way of life, why restrict your cat’s name within the confines of gender? Let’s break those barriers with a unisex name.

If you’re looking for a Jamaican cat name that suits both male and female cats, look no further.

Unisex names are a great choice, offering flexibility and a modern approach to cat naming.

These names, inspired by Jamaican culture, scenery, and language, fit any cat regardless of their gender.

Embrace the harmony of the island with a name that’s as fluid and free-spirited as Jamaica itself.

Here is our list of unisex Jamaican cat names carrying a unique rhythm dipped in Jamaican magic.

  • Hummingbird
  • Doctor Bird
  • Mango
  • Ocean
  • Rainbow
  • Sunshine
  • Turtle
  • Vibes
  • Xaymaca
  • Zion-I
  • Lignum
  • Ackee
  • Pimento
  • Rocksteady
  • Treasure Beach
  • Chickee
  • Redstripe
  • Domino
  • Yawd
  • Jamaican
  • Riddim
  • Rio Grande
  • Dread
  • Lion
  • Moonlight
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Goldeneye
  • Ziggy
  • Toko
  • Negrilite
  • Kingstonite
  • Mento-Cat
  • Maroon-Cat
  • Kintyre
  • Calabash
  • Reggae-Cat
  • Ska-Cat
  • Dancehall-Cat
  • Yardie-Cat
  • Rum-Cat
  • Mountain-Cat
  • Fern-Cat
  • Hibiscus-Cat
  • Rainforest-Cat
  • Trenchtown-Cat
  • Mandeville
  • Linstead
  • Footprints
  • Sandals
  • Patwa-Cat
  • Red Hills
  • Bluefield
  • Curry
  • Jerk
  • Hotfoot
  • Mauby
  • Sandpea
  • Sav-la-Mar
  • Discovery
  • Highgate
  • Seville
  • Cornwall
  • Castleton
  • Greenwich
  • Rose Hall
  • Morant
  • Port Royal
  • Bog Walk
  • Ocho Rios
  • Mona
  • Cockpit
  • Runaway-Cat
  • Shanty-Cat
  • Ital-Cat
  • Carnival-Cat
  • Bammy-Cat
  • Roti-Cat
  • Sadiki-Cat
  • Likkle-Cat
  • Big-Cat
  • Mi-Cat
  • Yuh-Cat
  • Wray Nephew
  • Cliff-Cat
  • Banana-Cat
  • Jam-Cat
  • Scotch Bonnet
  • Calico
  • Thunder-Cat

Frequently Asked Questions About Jamaican Cat Names

Embrace the vibrant culture and colorful language of Jamaica. In these FAQs, we have answered your questions about Jamaican cat names.

What are some Jamaican slang terms that can be used as cat names?

Popular Jamaican slang terms often make creative and funny cat names. Some options include Jamrock, Irie, or Skankin, each embodying the spirit of Jamaica and its street lingo.

Can I use Jamaican place names as cat names?

Jamaica is known for its stunning landscapes and beautiful towns. You can choose names inspired by areas like Negril, Lucea, or Falmouth, to give your cat a name embedded in the island’s rich heritage.

Do Jamaican cat names have specific meanings?

Many Jamaican cat names carry meaningful connotations, usually related to Jamaica’s culture, history, or Patois language.

For example, the name Irie represents a state of peace, happiness, and contentment.

How can I choose the perfect Jamaican cat name?

To discover the best Jamaican cat name for your pet, think about their unique characteristics and personality traits.

Reflect on the specific aspects of Jamaica’s culture, language, or history that resonate with you and your cat, and find the ideal name that represents these qualities.

Do I have to be Jamaican to give my cat a Jamaican name?

Jamaican cat names are a great way to celebrate the island’s vibrant culture and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of nationality or lineage.

Can I use a Jamaican name for a cat of a specific breed?

Jamaican cat names are versatile and suitable for cats of all breeds. Whether you have a Maine Coon, Bengal, or Siamese, a Jamaican name will add a touch of Caribbean charm to their identity.

Are Jamaican cat names easy to pronounce?

Most Jamaican cat names are easy to pronounce, especially if you’re familiar with English or Jamaican Patois.

But, you may come across some names with unique phonetics – feel free to explore and adapt the pronunciation as needed.

Can Jamaican cat names be inspired by the island’s flora and fauna?

Jamaica’s diverse wildlife, flora, and fauna can serve as creative inspiration for naming your cat.

Think names like Mango, Hummingbird, or Lignum Vitae – the national flower of Jamaica.


So picking a name for your cat is a beautiful bonding exercise that intertwines us closer to our cats.

It reflects their unique traits and showcases our taste or inclination towards certain cultures, themes, or ideas.

Bring the tropical rhythm of the islands to your cat’s identity. Let their traits guide you to the name that will make you smile every time.

We hope this list of Jamaican cat names inspired you, and helped you find a name filled with sweet island charm.

A name that your cat would not only respond to but carry around with a swagger is out there waiting.

Go ahead, crown your cat with a piece of Jamaican spirit. Now every call to your cat will feel like a funny little trip to the heart of the Caribbean.

Don’t forget to share this list with your fellow cat parents. Let’s spread the Jamaican joy around. Until next time, one love!

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