Vampire Cat Names: 150+ Vampire-Inspired Names For Cats

Vampire Cat Names: Finding the perfect name for your cat is as daunting as naming a baby. It needs to be memorable, and something that you, as their owner, can relate with.

If you’re after a name with a touch of darkness, our list of vampire-inspired cat names is what you need.

In the quiet corner of your home, perched on its favorite spot, a pair of eyes glowing in the dim light stares back at you.

And no, it’s not a scene from a supernatural thriller, but your cat, who gives the vampires a run for their money.

If this matches your pet, what could be better than a vampire-inspired name to show their charm?

Sit back as we present to you our list of vampire-inspired names for your enchanting fur buddy.

Why Vampire Cat Names?

Why Vampire Cat Names?
Why Vampire Cat Names?

Vampire-themed names are not limited to the Halloween season.

These names can be a great fit for some cats, they are full of character like our cats.

Plus, naming your cat after a famous vampire can be a fun talking point when introducing your pet to others.

Vampire-Inspired Cat Names

Vampire-Inspired Cat Names
Vampire-Inspired Cat Names

Vampires have always commanded attention, bewitching us with their allure and mystery. They have a charm and mystery that can inspire unique names for your cat.

Whether you’re a fan of classic tales or modern stories, vampire lore offers a world of options.

Vampire-inspired names are perfect for cats with their night-time habits and mischief.

And let’s face it, these names are an instant conversation starter, forging a deeper bond with your cat.

From ancient lore to fiction, we’ve seen vampires evolve in their portrayals, yet keep the mystery they hold.

Dive into our list of vampire-inspired cat names and choose a name that feels like it stepped out of your gothic novel.

  • Dracula: Inspired by the most famous vampire, Count Dracula, from Bram Stoker’s novel.
  • Nosferatu: A term used for vampires in Eastern European folklore, also the name of a classic 1922 silent film.
  • Fang: A nod to the sharp teeth used by vampires for feeding on their prey.
  • Spook: A playful name evoking an eerie and mysterious vibe like vampires.
  • Lestat: The charismatic and enigmatic vampire from Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” series.
  • Selene: The fearless vampire warrior from the “Underworld” movie franchise.
  • Mina: Mina Harker, a central character in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” whom the vampire becomes infatuated with.
  • Lucius: A strong name meaning “light,” which holds an ironic twist for creatures of the night.
  • Blade: The titular half-vampire, the half-human character from the “Blade” film series.
  • Raven: Dark, mysterious bird often associated with the supernatural and vampires.
  • Coven: A term for a group of witches, but can also reference a group of vampires.
  • Carmen: A sensual name, perfect for vampire-inspired cat names with a hint of seduction.
  • Moon: Vampires are nocturnal creatures, making the moon a fitting symbol.
  • Carmilla: A female vampire in the Gothic novella by Sheridan Le Fanu, predating Dracula.
  • Zara: A name meaning “princess,” adding an air of royalty to a vampire-inspired cat name.
  • Shadow: A creature of the night, your vampire cat can be as elusive as a shadow.
  • Lilith: A name rooted in mythology, often associated with night demons and powerful supernatural women.
  • Harker: Jonathan Harker, a lead character from “Dracula” whose encounters with the vampire set the story in motion.
  • Armand: A centuries-old vampire featured in Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles.”
  • Nyx: Greek goddess of the night, a mysterious and powerful figure.
  • Marcel: A name with a connection to the supernatural through popular vampire-themed shows.
  • Luna: A cat name often associated with the moon, fitting for a vampire cat.
  • Renesmee: The half-human, half-vampire hybrid child from the “Twilight” series.
  • Kraven: A villainous vampire character from the “Underworld” movie series.
  • Demona: An imposing name suitable for a powerful vampire cat that demands respect.
  • Viktor: A powerful elder vampire from the “Underworld” films.
  • Salem: The name of a famous witch trial town, evoking supernatural connotations.
  • Darko: A dark and mysterious name, perfect for a vampire-inspired cat.
  • Nefertiti: An ancient Egyptian queen, bringing a sense of regal power and ancient mystique.
  • Buffy: The titular vampire slayer from the popular television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  • Sookie: The telepathic fairy-human protagonist from “True Blood” who encounters vampires.
  • Claudia: A child vampire from Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire.”
  • Auris: A Latin word for “wind” or “air,” capturing the elusive nature of vampires.
  • Akasha: A powerful ancient vampire queen from Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles.”
  • Valerius: Originating from ancient Rome, it gives a vampire cat name a touch of history and grandeur.
  • Ursula: A powerful name often used for strong female characters in various forms of media.
  • Astra: A name that means “of the stars,” embodying mystique and vampires’ connection with the night.
  • Kane: A name widely used for strong and mysterious male characters in literature and film.
  • Blackwood: A dark and enchanting name perfect for a vampire-inspired cat.
  • Phantasma: From the word “phantasm”, meaning a ghost or spirit, adding an eerie touch.
  • Ghost: An elusive, supernatural being that captures the essence of vampires’ mysterious nature.
  • Damien: A name with strong, sinister connotations linked to the supernatural in popular culture.
  • Thorn: A sharp and dangerous name that evokes the fangs of a vampire.
  • Morpheus: The Greek god of dreams, a mysterious figure of the night perfect for a vampire cat name.
  • Celeste: A name meaning “heavenly,” it adds an ironical twist to a vampire cat name.
  • Amalia: A regal name with European roots, fitting for a vampire-inspired cat.
  • Sikander: A name with historical origins that adds strength and intrigue to your vampire cat.
  • Obsidian: A dark, volcanic glass often associated with mysterious, supernatural energy.
  • Eloise: A classic, sophisticated name suitable for a vampire cat that exudes elegance.
  • Angelus: A once-good vampire from the television show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.”
  • Spike: A fan-favorite vampire character known for his charm and rebellious nature in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  • Nikolai: A strong name with Eastern European roots, a region rich in vampire folklore.
  • Serana: A vampire character from the popular game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”
  • Rainsford: A unique name with a European feel, fitting for a vampire-inspired cat.
  • Gavriel: A name with rich historical roots, adding history and depth to a vampire cat name.
  • Talbot: From “The Wolf Man,” the name recalls classic monster movies and their connections to supernatural beings.
  • Petrova: A powerful-sounding name originating from Eastern Europe, where vampire legends often began.
  • Bellatrix: A haunting, captivating name perfect for a fierce female vampire cat.
  • Katrina: A name often used in literature and movies for powerful, intriguing characters.
  • Magenta: A rich, dark color that captures the intensity and mystery of a vampire cat.

Vampire Cat Names For Males

Vampire Cat Names For Males
Vampire Cat Names For Males

Does your male cat have a touch of darkness? Grace, charm, or a playful streak of mischief? There’s a vampire name that fits him perfectly.

A vampire-inspired name for your male cat can show his unique charm and character.

These names capture the range of male vampire characters that exist within the genre.

Each name holds a story and a unique personality that shares similarities with your cat.

Choose a vampire name for your male cat and watch him grow into a character as fascinating as his namesake.

Let us journey through our list of male vampire cat names that will give your cat the qualities of a vampire.

  • Alaric
  • Alistair
  • Ambrogio
  • Angel
  • Apollo
  • Asher
  • Barnabas
  • Blade
  • Boris
  • Caleb
  • Caius
  • Cole
  • Conrad
  • Damien
  • Dante
  • Deacon
  • Demetri
  • Dominic
  • Donovan
  • Draken
  • Dusk
  • Edgar
  • Edward
  • Edwin
  • Eliseo
  • Emrys
  • Enzo
  • Erik
  • Ethan
  • Frost
  • Gabriel
  • Gideon
  • Hannibal
  • Hendrik
  • Hunter
  • Igor
  • Isaac
  • Jasper
  • Jordan
  • Kain
  • Kane
  • Kellen
  • Klaus
  • Kol
  • Krenshaw
  • Lazaro
  • Leander
  • Lost
  • Lucian
  • Malcolm
  • Marius
  • Mason
  • Matthias
  • Maxim
  • Merlin
  • Mick
  • Morgan
  • Nico
  • Orion
  • Osiris

Vampire Cat Names For Females

Vampire Cat Names For Females
Vampire Cat Names For Females

Female cats are a bundle of mystery and elegance. If your queen feline has these qualities, a vampire-inspired name is a great choice.

With vampire goddesses, the world of vampires is filled with names that match your female cat.

A vampire-inspired name for your female cat is not a name but an ode to her regality and captivating aura.

Just like vampire heroines, these names are a blend of grace, courage, and a sense of intrigue.

Whether your cat is playful or beautiful, there is a vampire name that will match her spirit.

Go through our list of female vampire cat names to add a touch of magic to your beautiful feline queen.

  • Adara
  • Adalet
  • Alice
  • Amara
  • Anastasia
  • Andromeda
  • Angeline
  • Anya
  • Arianna
  • Asami
  • Astra
  • Athena
  • Aurora
  • Ava
  • Bellatrix
  • Bella
  • Beatrix
  • Bianca
  • Camilla
  • Cassia
  • Cerise
  • Circe
  • Cordelia
  • Cosmina
  • Crimson
  • Daenerys
  • Dahlia
  • Daria
  • Davina
  • Delia
  • Destiny
  • Diana
  • Echo
  • Elektra
  • Elizabeth
  • Eliza
  • Elle
  • Esme
  • Evangeline
  • Faye
  • Fiona
  • Florence
  • Freya
  • Gabriella
  • Gianna
  • Griselda
  • Giulietta
  • Hazel
  • Helena
  • Hex
  • Iliana
  • Imogen
  • Irina
  • Ivy
  • Jade
  • Jessamine
  • Karina
  • Katia
  • Katriel
  • Kira

How To Choose The Best Vampire Name For Your Cat

How To Choose The Best Vampire Name For Your Cat
How To Choose The Best Vampire Name For Your Cat

Choosing your cat’s name requires careful consideration, Here we have some tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Consider your cat’s personality and looks: If your cat is white and fluffy, “Nosferatu” may not be the best fit.
  • Try saying the name out loud: This can often help you identify if it’s a good fit.
  • Keep it relatively short and sweet: Your cat will respond better to a shorter name.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vampire Cat Names

Delving into the enigma of vampire-inspired names for your feline can unravel many possibilities.

Get ready to explore the allure of these names through our FAQs where we have answered your queries about vampire cat names.

What are vampire cat names?

Vampire cat names are names inspired by characters or themes from vampire folklore and popular culture such as movies, books, and series. Examples include Dracula, Bella, or Blade.

Why should I choose a vampire cat name?

Choosing a vampire cat name is a fun, unique way to pay homage to your favorite vampire character or novel.

Plus, these names often carry a sense of mystery and allure that fits cats’ personalities.

Are vampire cat names suitable for all cats?

Vampire cat names are suitable for any cat, regardless of breed, color, or personality.

It’s all about choosing a name that you think suits your cat’s individuality.

Which is the most popular vampire cat name?

The most popular vampire cat names vary, but names like Dracula, Bella and Nosferatu, influenced by popular vampire literature and films, are often favorites.

Are there vampire cat names from different cultures?

Vampire mythologies exist in many cultures and can be great inspiration for names.

Examples include “Nosferatu” from German folklore or “Strigoi” from Romanian mythology.

Can I use a vampire cat name even if my cat isn’t a black cat?

While black cats might fit the vampire theme more, the color of your cat doesn’t have to dictate their name.


So naming your cat with a vampire name is a conversation starter for people meeting your pet.

Your cat’s name becomes a part of their identity, and a vampire-inspired name sets them apart from the rest.

Our list of vampire cat names, inspired by mythology, offers mysterious names for your cat.

Celebrate the vampires and their presence by choosing the perfect name for your cat. Unveil their inner vampire spirit and let them prowl into the dark that invokes their love.

From classics to the modern, we hope our list of names has helped you find the ‘purrfect’ name for your pet.

Whichever name you select, we’re sure your feline will add a touch of fun and mystery to your life.

Don’t forget to share this post with your cat lovers, because every act deserves a good name in their lives.

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