Turkey Names: 323+ Funny Names For Your Cool Pet Bird

Turkey Names: Have you ever looked at a turkey and thought, “Gobble Gobble wouldn’t quite do justice to you, would it?”

If you share your life with a turkey, be it a farmyard staple or an unlikely pet, settling for any name won’t be enough.

Pet turkeys, with their unique gobbles and grand fan-like tails, have a demeanor that commands respect and spurs laughter.

These unique birds deserve names that capture their essence and unique charm. That’s where we come in.

In this article, we will explore our list of names for pet turkeys that resonate with your pet’s royal nature!

Discover thrilling and laugh-inducing pet turkey names. Strap in, and let’s embark on this fun-filled naming journey together!

Best Pet Turkey Names

Best Pet Turkey Names
Best Pet Turkey Names

Turkeys are known for their plumage, size, and behavior, making them unique pets that deserve special names.

Choosing a name for your turkey is a task that underscores the emotional bond you share with your turkey.

The best turkey names showcase your turkey’s fun side. They highlight your pet’s qualities – be it their spirited gobble or their amusing run.

Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your turkey’s beauty or charm, the perfect name is waiting for you.

Take a look at our list of the best pet turkey names, and find one that captures the essence of your pet turkey.

TomA classic name for a male turkey, following the traditional calling.
HenriettaA popular name for a female turkey, it means ‘ruler of the house’.
FeatherdusterSuited for a turkey with impressive feathers.
DrumstickA funny name with a nod to a turkey’s most enjoyed part.
BourbonAfter Bourbon Red, a breed of domestic turkey.
GallopDescribes the turkey’s unique stride.
JiveAs in ‘Turkey Jive’, since turkeys are often associated with dance in popular culture.
NapoleonA strong mystical name for your turkey.
GobblerNamed after the unique sound that turkeys make.
FluffyPerfect for a turkey that is particularly soft and fluffy.
PilgrimFor turkeys owned around the Thanksgiving period.
MaximusA grand name for a large and stately turkey.
WattlesAfter the unique wattles turkeys have.
GibletA playful name, derived from a part of the turkey often used in cooking.
CopperIdeal for turkeys with a copper-colored sheen to their feathers.
CloudSuited for a white or light-colored turkey.
SageA great name coming from a common seasoning used on turkey.
BronzeInspired by the beautiful plumage of the popular Bronze turkey breed.
ThunderPerfect for a male turkey with a deep, resonating gobble.
HummingbirdA humorous name for your turkey, which is the opposite of a small, delicate bird.
  • Violet – After the unique violet-colored sheen to some turkey feathers.
  • Scarlet – For a turkey with beautiful red wattles and caruncles.
  • Majestic – An apt name for a particularly grand turkey.
  • Protector – Turkeys can be fierce protectors, making this an excellent name.
  • Regal – Ideal for a turkey that carries itself with dignity.
  • Swift – A funny and ironic name, given a turkey’s waddle.
  • Cranberry – A holiday-themed name for your turkey.
  • Plymouth – After the location of the first Thanksgiving feast.
  • Nugget – A playful name for a smaller turkey.
  • Opal – Perfect for a turkey with a beautiful array of colored feathers.
  • Meadow – For a turkey who loves roaming around in the grass.
  • Charisma – For an exceptionally charming turkey.
  • Ember – A wonderful name for a turkey with reddish-brown feathers.
  • Raindance – Implying the turkey’s strut looks like a unique dance.
  • Hershey – For a turkey with brown, chocolate-like feathers.
  • Maize – Another name associated with Thanksgiving and harvest time.
  • Voyager – For a turkey who loves roaming and exploring its environment.
  • Pumpkin – A cute, holiday-associated name for a pet turkey.
  • Grit – For a turkey with a persistent and energetic nature.
  • Wildfire – An excellent name for an energetic, vivacious turkey.
  • Zephyr – A great name for a fast and light turkey.
  • Zenith – For a turkey that stands head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Pixie – A cute, ironic name for a turkey (not exactly sprite-sized)!
  • Amber – For a turkey featuring beautiful amber-orange colored feathers.
  • Pepper – Suitable for a turkey with a sprinkling of dark feathers.
  • Sprite – A unique playful name for a smaller bird.
  • Gravy – A humorous, Thanksgiving-themed name.
  • Colonel Gobbler – For a turkey with a strong and commanding presence.
  • Sundance – For a turkey who enjoys basking in the sun.
  • Rustle – Perfect for a turkey who enjoys foraging through leaves.
  • Echo – Named after the echo of a gobble sound in the woods.
  • Spangle – For a turkey with a gorgeous array of multicolored feathers.
  • Struttyruff – Named after the turkey’s unique strut and ruff.
  • Oracle – For a turkey with an omniscient demeanor.
  • Gobbletov – A fun and quirky name for a turkey.
  • Cider – An autumnal, warm name for a turkey.
  • Harvest – A name that harks back to a turkey’s association with Thanksgiving.
  • Chieftain – For a turkey who is clearly the boss of the flock.
  • Pocahontas – After the famous Native American who was present at the first Thanksgiving.
  • Marbles – A cute name for a dappled turkey with multicolored feathers.
  • Buzzard – A playful name, after the bird of prey.
  • Cloudberry – For a turkey who is as sweet as a berry and light in color.
  • Nutmeg – After another popular spice used in cooking during Thanksgiving.
  • Hickory – An all-American and rustic sounding name suitable for a turkey.
  • Majesty – For a regal and noble-looking turkey.
  • Pebble – A cute and quirky name for a small turkey.
  • Snowball – Ideal for a turkey that is white or light in color.
  • Cobbler – A clever pun and a soft, squishy sounding name for a turkey.
  • Arrow – For a turkey who is swift and straight in its endeavors.
  • Valiant – For a brave and strong turkey with an impressive stature.

Funny Turkey Names

Funny Turkey Names
Funny Turkey Names

Turkeys are naturally entertaining, their every strut and gobble is a source of joy. Would it not be fitting, then, to reflect this in their name?

Your pet turkey’s amusing behavior calls for a fun name that sparks laughter every time you utter it.

Funny turkey names not only match your turkey’s personality but also add a touch of humor to every interaction.

Is your turkey a ball of energy, strutting here and there? Or the most sociable companion who gobbles at you every morning?

These funny turkey names echo your bird’s fun side, making your bird-watching experience full of chuckles.

Here is our list of funny turkey names derived from the quirks and behaviors that make your pet turkey unique.

  • Gobblit McWobble
  • Snood Goals
  • Turkey Lurkey
  • Cluck Norris
  • Feather McProud
  • Gobblesworth
  • Turkey Twain
  • Feather Locklear
  • Wattle Wallace
  • Dinoturk
  • Birdie Sanders
  • Sir Fluffington
  • Beakstreet Boy
  • Yoko Bono
  • Gobblethorpe
  • Quirk Featherbrain
  • Beakerella
  • Fowl-icia
  • Lurkey Burkey
  • Feathery Potter
  • Beakinstein
  • Featherly Hills
  • Lord Waddlington
  • Featherdini
  • Gobblescope
  • Featherpan
  • Quirky Turkey
  • Twiggy Gobbler
  • Snoodlepuff
  • Gobblezilla
  • Plucky McFluffers
  • Beakapoo
  • Gobblefingers
  • Struttin’ Snood
  • Birdacious
  • Sir Gobblestone
  • Featherfordshire
  • Plume Chapeau
  • Gobblegust
  • Beaky Blinders
  • Cluckmando
  • Yoda Gobble
  • Wattle Hood
  • Beak Rogers
  • Giblet McFly
  • Wobbledeedoo
  • Gobblestiltskin
  • Tom Swooney
  • Featherona Ryder
  • Turkeybowski
  • Flapjack Beakman
  • Strutty McFowl
  • Giblet Tzumie
  • Turkey Tic Tac
  • Gobble Diego
  • Wobble Dinger
  • Squawk Ledger
  • Sir Beakton
  • Gobblicious
  • Cluckback Thor
  • Babelgobbler
  • Captain Gobblebeard
  • Fluff Feathersworth
  • Royal Strutter
  • Beakhoven
  • Gobblefuss
  • Feathercules
  • Gobbleairy
  • Fowleton
  • Strutty Van Wattle

Cool & Cute Turkey Names

Cool & Cute Turkey Names
Cool & Cute Turkey Names

Turkeys may be large and impressive, but they are also cute. They are the epitome of coolness with their grand stance and majestic gobble.

Embrace their charisma with cool turkey names that will make your turkey stand out. A cool and cute name is perfect for your pet turkey.

Cool turkey names embody the spirit of freedom, adventure, and boldness that radiates from your remarkable turkey.

cool name for your turkey is more than a title, it’s a statement! Your fearless, feathered friend deserves a name that’s as cool as its gobble.

Choosing a cool name is about knowing your turkey. It’s about tapping into the essence of their wild hearts and their freedom.

Is your turkey an explorer, a gentle giant, or a playful friend? No matter their personality, there’s a cool and cute name that will suit them.

Below you’ll find our list of cool and cute turkey names that will capture the charm of your pet bird.

  • Prancer Feather
  • Moon Glisten
  • Scarlet Plumage
  • Stardust Strut
  • Glimmer Wattle
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Dream Gobbler
  • Sunny Plumette
  • Waddle Wonder
  • Twilight Plumage
  • Featherdance
  • Fluffy Wobble
  • Breeze Ruffle
  • Feather Flounce
  • Skyskipper
  • Ginger Strut
  • Gobblebeam
  • Starshine Wattle
  • Plume Quiver
  • Crystal Beak
  • Gobbly Delight
  • Autumn Strutter
  • Silver Flutter
  • Featherhop
  • Waddling Wisp
  • Majestic Waddle
  • Zephyr Gobbles
  • Dancing Plumage
  • Puddle Waddle
  • Peacock Swirl
  • Rainfeather
  • Plume Whistle
  • Gobblefloat
  • Amber Wingtips
  • Sapphire Strut
  • Tangerine Gobble
  • Whisperwing
  • Frostfeather
  • Plumeprance
  • Cobblewobble
  • Coral Waddle
  • Sunbeam Feather
  • Turquoise Strut
  • Breezy Wattle
  • Serenefeather
  • Golden Ruffle
  • Firework Plumette
  • Peony Preen
  • Whistling Ruffles
  • Wispbeak
  • Honeyplume
  • Tidal Waddle
  • Blazing Beak
  • Glittergobble
  • Nightfall Plume
  • Starlit Feathers
  • Strutgentle
  • Fantasia Dreamer
  • Gliding Gobbler
  • Doo-waddle
  • Wattle Waltz
  • Umber Strut
  • Dawncaller
  • Merlot Gobbles
  • Gingerplum
  • Summer Ruffle
  • Balletbeak
  • Stardust Strutter
  • Chestnut Preen
  • Strutadelic

Male Turkey Names

Male Turkey Names
Male Turkey Names

If you have a male turkey, you’ll want a name that reflects his masculine charm and powerful presence.

Male turkeys, also known as toms, are known for their size, colors, and unique displays, making them deserving of a strong name.

They are the celebrities of the bird world, flaunting their colors and asserting their presence with their gobble.

Choose a male turkey name that praises them. Be it their physical presence or their bold nature, their name should echo their bravado.

From names that evoke strength and courage to those that celebrate their beauty and charisma, there’s a perfect name for your male turkey.

Explore our list of male turkey names, and find one that captures the essence of your handsome turkey.

  • Admiral Thunderbeak
  • Baron Crimsonplume
  • Duke Gobblemore
  • Sir Plumeington
  • General Waddleworth
  • Wattlestrider
  • Knight Featherwood
  • Captain Tomstrut
  • Count Beaksworth
  • Redcrest Roy
  • Gobblestark
  • King Wingston
  • Merlin Gobblesmith
  • Beaktorn
  • Thunder Gobblesby
  • Rufflebine
  • Warwick Waddle
  • Commander Beakton
  • Goldenwing Regent
  • Flintfeather
  • Ironclaw Strut
  • Gallant Gobbler
  • Magnustrot
  • Sableplume
  • Turquentine Tom
  • Strutting Tumblewood
  • Sir Waddlewing
  • Marshal Rufflebeak
  • Plumedom
  • Boulderbeak
  • Bronze Strutter
  • Crimson Commander
  • Midnight Majesty
  • Majestic Cobwick
  • Stormsnood
  • Silverbeak Sentinel
  • Ruffletrot
  • Gobblenox
  • Aristurkey
  • Sir Pewterplume
  • Knightly Gobbler
  • Regal Rufflesworth
  • Baron Featherborne
  • Velvet-wing
  • Thunder Throttle
  • Prince Tomheart
  • Copper Crest
  • Wingfield Triumph
  • Granite Gobbleroy
  • Beakston Copper
  • Lord Rustlingplumes
  • Cobalt Thunder
  • Viceroy Sapphirecrest
  • Flashfeather Fury
  • Mystic Strutstorm
  • Sir Clatterclaws
  • Magnatorque
  • Lord Emeraldbeak
  • Sir Plumageproud
  • Onyxtrotter
  • Noble Snoodstrider
  • Quilldancer
  • Viscount Wobblesby
  • Sir Trotsterling
  • Rufflingridge
  • Wattlewanderer
  • Blazebeak Boson
  • Tom Skygobbler
  • Regalfeather
  • Turkitanicus

Female Turkey Names

Female Turkey Names
Female Turkey Names

Female turkeys, or hens, are as charming as males, and they deserve a name that showcases their beauty.

When choosing a name for your female turkey, consider names that highlight her elegance and unique features.

Female turkey names are inspired by nature and mythology. Draw ideas from female warriors that express the grace of your female pet turkey.

The name you pick will become an extension of her personality. Is she as graceful as a Willow, or melodious like Harmony?

These names reflect the aura that your little bird has, while also celebrating her feminine charm.

Delve into our list of female turkey names that celebrate the beauty and enchantment of your lady turkey.

  • Lady Preenalot
  • Duchess Featherstone
  • Glimmerwing Grace
  • Seraphina Strut
  • Sapphire Plume
  • Honey Wattle
  • Empress Gobblyn
  • Sweetcrest Gem
  • Rustlebelle
  • Sunstar Plumage
  • Petal Waddle
  • Lady Wispfeather
  • Violet Wingtips
  • Skytrotter Fluff
  • Majestina Ruffleplume
  • Quilliana Goldbeak
  • Princess Gobbleigh
  • Tropicruffles
  • Celestial Preen
  • Snoodessa Enchanted
  • Lady Beakadoodle
  • Luna Lacewing
  • Twinkle Plumette
  • Waddlesworth Diamond
  • Rainbow Rufflingridge
  • Whisperwing Willow
  • Aurora Beakbright
  • Riverlegance
  • Copperplum Camila
  • Miss Peonystrut
  • Harmony Swerls
  • Elegancia Waddle
  • Starlight Gobblerina
  • Lustrous Featherine
  • Morningmist Strutter
  • Lavender Gobblelace
  • Opalescent Plume
  • Topaz Wingshine
  • Peachykeen Quill
  • Ladybird Trottles
  • Silken Wattle
  • Gentlebeak Gemma
  • Hennabelle Plumage
  • Waddleblossom
  • Evening Glimmerwings
  • Marina Beakjoy
  • Snoodnificent
  • Rosie Plumes
  • Fairfeather Heather
  • Dawnfeather Melody
  • Miss Wattlebreeze
  • Sweetplum Samantha
  • Sunlit Beaker
  • Azura Rainfeather
  • Zinnia Waddlesworth
  • Blissgobbler
  • Fantasia Sunder
  • Harmonia Wattles
  • Duchess Puffgobble
  • Satinfeather Delilah
  • Goldenswaddle Jewel
  • Jade Plumettiera
  • Feathersky Larkadia
  • Bellagobble
  • Shimmerbeak Sienna
  • Lady Wattlebeam
  • Featheredonna
  • Moonlit Melodies
  • Lilac Waddlingruffles
  • Strutbury Glade

Turkey Breeds

Turkey Breeds
Turkey Breeds

A pet turkey’s breed is an excellent source of inspiration for its name. There are several popular domesticated turkey breeds to consider:

Broad Breasted White

Broad Breasted White
Broad Breasted White

This is the most common commercial turkey breed. Broad Breasted Whites are all white with large, plump bodies. Names like Snowball, Marshmallow, or Whitebeard could suit these big, beautiful birds.

Bourbon Red

Bourbon Red
Bourbon Red

With their rich copper and brown plumage, Bourbon Reds make a striking impression. Names influenced by their coloring like Rusty, Autumn, or Maple would be fitting choices.

Royal Palm

Royal Palm
Royal Palm

Elegant feathering in white and black make Royal Palms appear refined and stately. Regal names like Duchess, Lady Marmalade, or King Tut emphasize their graceful style.



Sporting colors of steel gray, tan, and brown, Narragansetts have a wild, woodsy look. Nature names like Forest, Willow, or Granite describe their rustic appearance.



This dark-feathered breed comes in colors ranging from blue to black. Mysterious, nocturnal names like Midnight, Shadow, or Luna work for this darker variety.

Considering your pet’s breed inspire meaningful names that capture their essence. Let their natural colors, patterns and characteristics guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkey Names

Enrich your turkey naming journey with our FAQs. In these FAQs, we have answered your questions about pet turkey names.

Should I name my turkey after a food like ‘Stuffing’ or ‘Drumstick’?

While it can be done in fun, it’s advised against as it is considered insensitive, especially if the turkey is a pet and part of the family.

What are good names for a turkey?

Good turkey names reflect the turkey’s appearance. Names like Sunny Feathers, Windsor Waddles, and Golden Gobbles are good names for turkeys.

Can turkeys learn their names?

Turkeys can recognize human voices and sounds. With consistency and patience, your turkey may start to respond to its name.

Are there specific names for wild turkeys?

Wild turkeys are named after their characteristics or environment such as River, Storm, or Rustling Feather.

How do I choose the right name for my turkey?

Choosing the right turkey name depends on your turkey, and your preferences. Note that the turkey should also respond to the name, so keep it simple.

Are themed names a good idea for turkeys?

Themed names are a fun idea, especially if you have a flock of turkeys. Themes can be based on color, mythology, or famous people.

Do turkeys have different calls that could influence their names?

Turkeys do have a range of different calls such as gobbles, purrs, yelps, or cackles. These calls can inspire naming. For instance, a turkey that purrs a lot could be named Purrfect or Purrcy.


So observing your majestic turkey and calling them by a name that reflects their charm is a joy in itself.

Your turkey deserves a name that reflects its charm and we hope that our list has given you names matching those traits.

These turkey names represent your pet turkey character. These perfect pet turkey names will amplify your bonding with your pet turkey.

With cool and funny names to choose from, this list will make you want to call your turkey by each name every day!

Now pick a name that makes your heart overflow with love for them every time you say it. Please share this list with your friends on social media.

As you go on this journey, we wish you many gobbles together. Until next time, may the gobbles of turkeys fill the air with magic and wonder.

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