Silly Cat Names: 212+ Cute Names For Silly Cats

Silly Cat Names: Have you ever caught your cat doing something so outrageous that it made you laugh?

Yes, cats have their royal moments, but let’s be honest, they can be pretty silly at times, too.

If your lovable kitty makes you laugh, they deserve a name that captures their loving spirit.

You need a name as comical, as captivating, and as silly as your feline friend’s tricks.

Our list of silly feline names will give you inspiration for a name that mirrors your cat’s silliness.

Get comfy and prepare yourself for a ride as we explore silly cat names to honor your goofy cat.

Silly Cat Names Ideas

Silly Cat Names Ideas
Silly Cat Names Ideas

Silly cats leave a unique paw print on our hearts, right? Your cat’s silly tricks and cute quirks shouldn’t go unnoticed.

From swift leaps into empty boxes to their midnight zoomies, cats are natural clowns of the pet world. Selecting a silly name for your cat is no small task.

With cats having a playful and silly side, you want to ensure that the chosen name showcases their humor. You can create unique names for your cat by exploring pop culture and with wordplay.

Think about your beloved cat, are they a comical, a mysterious detective, or a lovable goofball? Reflecting on these traits will help you create unique names that represent your cat.

Let’s dive into our list of silly cat names echoing a sense of humor and a touch of feline wackiness.

  • Catrick Swayze: A name perfect for fans of the late actor Patrick Swayze and fits a feline with a knack for dancing on its paws.
  • Furrecious: This name connotes a fierce and majestic cat that is furiously endearing.
  • Meowcules: Inspired by Hercules, the mythological hero known for his strength and daring deeds, ideal for strong cats.
  • The Great Catsby: This spin on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel is perfect for a sophisticated and mysterious feline.
  • Hairy Pawter: Ideal for fans of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and particularly fitting for a magical cat with a hairy, fluffy coat.
  • David Meowie: In honor of the music icon David Bowie, this cat name is perfect for a cat with a star aura.
  • Cleo-catra: Named after the powerful ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, suitable for a regal, dominant female cat.
  • Cat Benatar: This is a perfect pun on the name of rock star Pat Benatar, apt for a cat with a rocking attitude.
  • Kitteh Purry: A fun take on pop star Katy Perry’s name, suitable for a cat that “roars” like a tiger.
  • Lionel Jellicat: A spin on singer Lionel Richie’s name; the ‘jellicat’ is a fictional cat-type from the musical Cats.
  • Furminator: Suggests powerful like Arnold in the Terminator films, great for a fearless, bold cat.
  • Pouncemeister: Every household needs a pouncing master, and if your cat is the one, this name is the perfect fit.
  • Fishbreath: Purrfect for cats who can’t resist a good fishy treat.
  • Whiskerface: A cute, descriptive name for a cat with prominent, adorable whiskers.
  • Cattastic: This name is perfect for a cat who is just fantastic in every way.
  • Purretty: For a cat that is more than just pretty, they’re pretty!
  • Meowlicious: If your cat’s meow sounds deliciously cute, this is the name for it.
  • Catpocalypse: A great name that represents a domineering personality or just a big mess-maker.
  • Fluffinator: For irresistibly fluffy and cuddly cats that conquer hearts with their fur.
  • Clawdia: A play on the name Claudia, for a cat with sharp claws always ready for action.
  • Catarella: A precious name for a cat with the grace of a princess, like Cinderella.
  • Purrlock Holmes: Perfect for a cat with a knack for mystery solving like the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • Catman-da: For fans of famous singer Cat Stevens or just for a cat that seems to command attention.
  • Kitty Poppins: Inspired by the always cheerful and magical nanny, Mary Poppins, a perfect name for a charming, mysterious feline.
  • J.R.R. Tolkitten: A pun on the name of the famous author J.R.R. Tolkien, great for a cat who adores adventure.
  • Paw Bunyan: For kitty giants, Paw Bunyan is an adorable play by the legendary giant Paul Bunyan.
  • Cat Cobain: A tribute to Kurt Cobain, the late Nirvana frontman, for a grungy, rebellious cat.
  • Fernando Furball: A sweet, soft name that beautifully rhymes and creates an image of a fluffy kitten; bonus points if the cat digs ABBA.
  • Marilyn Meowroe: For a cat with irresistible charm and glamour reminiscent of the Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.
  • Freddy Purrcury: For high-note-hitting cats and fans of the famous Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury.
  • Catpernicus: Commemorating the famed astronomer Copernicus, this name is for the genius, curious kitties.
  • Alexander the Purrfect: Ideal name for a cat who is perfection itself, named after the great conqueror.
  • Sherlock Paws: For those cats who love to explore every corner of the house just like Sherlock Holmes.
  • Clawuiet: For a tragic romantic kitty, this name is a furry play on Shakespeare’s Juliet.
  • Purr-fection: For a kitty who is just absolutely perfect in every way!
  • Fluffmeister: A funny name for a fur-bulous feline who is a master of fluffiness.
  • Catserole: A punny name for the cat who likes to curl up in a dish-like shape or has a warm, comforting personality.
  • Indiana Jonesy: Great for an adventurous, daring feline, just like the famous archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones.
  • Pablo Picatsso: For an artistic cat with creative flair, named after the famous painter Pablo Picasso.
  • Furby McFluffin: A name that captures the essence of a soft, fluffy kitty that reminds you of Furby toys.
  • Salvador Whiski: Pay homage to Salvador Dali, a surreal artist with an iconic mustache, perfect for a whiskered cat.
  • Clawstmus Prime: Show love for Transformers with this pun on the character Optimus Prime; ideal for a brave and large cat!
  • Purr-ella: An elegant and royal name inspired by Cinderella, perfect for a royal, charming feline.
  • Muffy Meowgato: A fun mix of cuteness overload and aristocracy, for the feline who’s a constant purring joy.
  • Galacticat: Ideal name for space-loving households or a cat that loves gazing at the night sky.
  • Zorro the Purrito: A suave name recalling the masked swordsman Zorro, and a funny pun on the term ‘purrito’.
  • Meowtilda: An endearing name for the admirers of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, a bookish and super-powered young girl.
  • Pounce de León: A clever pun on the explorer’s name, Ponce de León, for a cat who loves to explore every nook and corner.
  • Cat-ch22: A punny name for fans of Joseph Heller’s novel “Catch-22”, or for a feline who embodies a contradiction.
  • Meowjin Boo: A kitty pun on Majin Buu, a character from Dragon Ball, that suits a chubby and playful cat.
  • Einstein-claws: Perfect name for a genius kitty just like the physicist Albert Einstein, with a knack for scratching posts.
  • H.P. Lovecats: A homage for fans of H.P. Lovecraft, the famous horror author, and a great name for cats who inspire and demand love.
  • Kitten Kong: Named after the legendary, larger-than-life film character King Kong, this name suits a cat with a big personality or size.
  • Al-Catatraz: Perfect for a feline who’s been known to escape from the most secure of places.
  • Nelson Purr-nson: A tribute to Nelson Mandela, a global icon, ideal for a brave and peace-loving cat.
  • Whiskerfield: A charming name for a cat with luscious, revealing whiskers.
  • Cheshire Grin: For a cat who is always smiling slyly and mysteriously, just like the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • Purrsache: A pun on the famous fashion brand, Versace, perfect for a cat with cat-walk-ready appeal.
  • Paws Purry: A fun take on Post Malone’s name, positively awesome for a laid-back and cool cat.
  • Princess Pounce: Crown your cat with this regal title that beautifully depicts her ability to pounce at will.

Cute Silly Cat Names

Cute Silly Cat Names
Cute Silly Cat Names

Do you ever look at your kitty and think, “Oh, you’re so silly!”? Some cats have a gift for mixing their cute tricks with a dose of humor.

Silly doesn’t always have to mean goofy, it can also mean cute and mirthful.

Choosing a cute silly name for your feline merges its quirkiness with its lovable nature. It celebrates their playful character along with their cuteness.

Whether your cat is a prankster or a playful chaser, a cute and silly name will mirror their cute side. Then, why wait?

Dive into our list of cute silly cat names to find a name that is as cute as your feline friend.

  • Snugglepaws
  • Fluffykins
  • Mewtoots
  • Purrball
  • Frisky Whiskers
  • Kitty Witty
  • Cuddlefluff
  • Pawdorable
  • Meowmallow
  • Fuzzbump
  • Snickersnack
  • Tickletummy
  • Prancie Pants
  • Purrbles
  • Furrytail
  • Kitten Kaboodle
  • Purrsley
  • Pawberry
  • Whiskerboo
  • PudgyPaws
  • Dandy Lion
  • Miss Meow
  • Squigglepaws
  • Beeperson
  • Butterpurr
  • Snu-cuddles
  • Muffin Puffin
  • Bonkers
  • Snugglemew
  • Furbee
  • Whiskerwhirl
  • Purr-pop
  • Meowmix
  • Whiskerroll
  • Buttons-n-Bows
  • Tale-tuggers
  • ShyMeow
  • Floofensqueak
  • Purrbiscuit
  • Star Whiskers
  • Pawty-time
  • Mew Chic
  • Furbubbles
  • Little Spark
  • Gingerpurr
  • Pearl Paws
  • Kittybopper
  • Sugar Whiskers
  • Meowbreeze
  • Huggable Tails
  • Furry Twinkle
  • Cuddlepounce
  • Whimsipaw
  • Smilemew
  • Kitten Kisses
  • Jigglepurr
  • Twirlwhiskers
  • Silly Paws
  • Munchkin Whiskers
  • Purrzy

Silly Cat Names Male

Silly Cat Names Male
Silly Cat Names Male

With their mischievous tricks, our male cats never stop to entertain us. Despite their behavior, we’re aware of the goofy side hiding beneath their cool body.

What’s better than giving your male cat a name that expresses the laughter and joy he brings into your life?

You need a name as fascinating, and as silly as your little furball’s capers. Male cats deserve names that shine a spotlight on their entertaining qualities.

The quest to find a silly cat name for your male cat can be quite a thrill. Let’s buckle up and embark on a name-hunting journey.

Below you’ll find our list of silly cat names for male cats that showcase their their strength.

  • Clawed Rains
  • Chairman Meow
  • Sir Fuzzington
  • Meow Zedong
  • Joey Paws-itano
  • Brad Kitt
  • Furball Cooper
  • Kitty the Klaw
  • Meowrocco
  • Wolfgang Howler
  • Cat Damon
  • Groucho Paws
  • Ziggycat
  • Pawsome Powers
  • Meownty Python
  • Leo-Cat-Purr-Nardo
  • Felix Paws-tro
  • Colin Furth
  • Batcat
  • Al-Catpone
  • Meowcolm X
  • Luke Skywhisker
  • Don Pawleone
  • Purrnest Hemingway
  • Catzilla
  • Paul Purr-man
  • Kit Furr-sto
  • Purrlando Bloom
  • Whiskerus Maximus
  • Fuzz Aldrin
  • Cat-sius Clay
  • Tom Pawyer
  • Avery Pawtter
  • Katachute
  • Attila the Paw
  • CaMeowron
  • Winston Purrchill
  • Sir-bawl-ot
  • Jan Meowbal
  • Furrito Bandito
  • PurrBooth
  • Sir Whiskersalot
  • Gaston Furrytail
  • Claws Von Trapp
  • Benedict Whiskerbatch
  • Kitt McPurrson
  • Meowllimscopy
  • Pawbert Finn
  • Paw-casso
  • Thomas Meowison
  • Shadow Paw
  • Benny Cat-las
  • Cat-astrophe
  • Just-fur Timberlake
  • Vincent van Furr
  • Marlon Blando
  • Mr. Whiskerssoc
  • Jeevs Pawchester
  • Cat-ticus Finch
  • Colin Fur-rell

Silly Cat Names Female

Silly Cat Names Female
Silly Cat Names Female

Female cats are the fusion of grace and beauty. They work their way to our hearts with their elegance and beauty.

When selecting a name for your female cat, take into account her grace and the silly moments she offers.

These names should bring the laughter your queen of giggles sparks around her. Whether your queen is a proud woman or a ruler, the name should reflect her personality.

Think about her passions and come up with a name that highlights these qualities while being silly.

Here is our list of silly female cat names that highlight her feminine charm with a touch of humor.

  • Oprah Whisker
  • Kitty Purry
  • Madame Fluffytail
  • Puma Thurman
  • Catty Griffin
  • Feline Dion
  • Sandy Clawn
  • Taylor Meowswift
  • Pawjama Party
  • Lady Whiskerwood
  • Vivi-antelope
  • J.K. Meowling
  • Cleocatra Purrrtica
  • Ellen DeGenepaw
  • Mewis Purrwin
  • Catnip Everdeen
  • Emma Whiskerston
  • Angelina Pawlie
  • Audrey Purrburn
  • Purrnelle Roberts
  • Coco Coquette
  • Sofi-a La Meow
  • Purr-mione Fluffder
  • Cat Middleton
  • Marilyn Meowson
  • Carrie Purrshaw
  • Queen Fursora
  • Mia Furrow
  • Hiss-topher Robin
  • Cat-likeye Hepburn
  • Whiskerlee Cooper
  • Purr-laine Benes
  • Fran Whiska
  • Kim-purr Pawsdale
  • Whiskerella
  • Mewlia Childs
  • Purrnestine Skyscraper
  • Purr-chelle Obama
  • Isabaella Rosselkitten
  • Whiskeryl Streep
  • Meowna Lisa
  • Kitten Penelope
  • Clawra Barton
  • Shelly Longwhisker
  • Meowtina Milan
  • Sailor Mewn
  • Holly Paws-lidays
  • Claw-dia Ballerina
  • Purr-licious D
  • Édith Paw-fia
  • Rum-Purrmintz
  • Whiskerella
  • Duchess Fluffington
  • Countessa Tabbypitch
  • Purrensika
  • Mewri Poppins
  • Furrygodwhisker
  • Kittyunculus
  • Pawth-dotxis
  • Jungle Purrincess

Frequently Asked Questions About Silly Cat Names

Choosing a name that captures your cat’s silliness can be a fun and challenging, task.

In this FAQs section, we have answered all your questions about silly cat names.

What makes a silly cat name?

A silly cat name is typically unconventional, amusing, or clever, often featuring puns, whimsical references, or humorous wordplay that reflects the cat’s charmingly quirky character.

How do I choose a silly cat name?

Think about your cat’s personality traits, or interests, and consider blending humor, elegance, and charm. Match your cat’s attributes with a fitting and name.

Can silly names be gender-specific?

Silly cat names can cater to your feline’s gender. Search for names that encompass your cat’s masculinity or femininity with a playful twist while reflecting your pet’s individuality.

How do I know if my cat responds well to a silly cat name?

Observe your cat’s response to the sound and length of the name.

Although cats don’t know the meaning of their name, they do recognize sounds and tones. Alter the name to evoke a positive response.

How do I ensure that both my family and friends understand the silly cat name?

Briefly explain the origin or backstory behind your cat’s name, or use common references that most people can easily understand.

Can silly cat names also be short and easy to remember?

Silly cat names can be concise while still retaining their charm and originality.


So finding the right name for your silly cat is all about capturing their unique spirit. It’s a bonding experience that will bring you closer to your pet.

In a world where things can get a bit too serious, our cats have the ability to give us joy and bring smiles to our faces.

With our list of silly cat names, there’s no reason your kitty’s name can’t play a role in growing that happiness.

Whether it’s a part of their looks or a feeling they give you, their name should be a fit as unique as your bond.

Now, go ahead and give your beloved cat a name as loveable, and giggle-inducing as their silly tricks.

Pick a name that’ll brighten the room, and enjoy the bond you share with your cat every time you call them by their name.

Don’t forget to share this post with other cat lovers, to bring a piece of joy into their lives too. More power to you and your cat, who continue to spread joy and laughter. Until next time!

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