Sailor Moon Cat Names: 166+ Cool Sailor Moon Cat Names

Sailor Moon Cat Names: Are you and your cat over the moon for the fascinating world of Sailor Moon? If so, look no further!

In this treasure trove, we have compiled a list of Sailor Moon cat names, sure to charm anyone who loves this anime.

Embrace the magic of the well-loved anime Sailor Moon while naming your cat. With many characters and storylines, the Sailor Moon universe has many cool cat names.

Whether you’re a fan or want a name for your pet, exploring these Sailor Moon names ensures a perfect match.

In this article, we’ll share our list of unique Sailor Moon cat names that will leave you starry-eyed.

Draw back the curtains of night, and let the stars guide you to the most fascinating Sailor Moon cat name out there.

Sailor Moon-Inspired Cat Names

Sailor Moon-Inspired Cat Names
Sailor Moon-Inspired Cat Names

Immerse yourself in the Sailor Moon universe, where every character has unique qualities. Go beyond, let this inspiration guide you in choosing a name that signifies your cat.

Think about the characters they could be, are they as brave and limitless as titular? Or do they have the wisdom of the guardian cats?

Selecting a Sailor Moon-inspired cat name is a way to cherish the traits of these characters.

It’s an invitation to explore the spirit of this loved anime, fostering a unique bond between you and your cat.

Gather your spirit and journey into the heart of our list of Sailor Moon-Inspired Cat names.

  • Serena: Inspired by Sailor Moon’s alter ego, Serena Tsukino, is a loving and courageous leader.
  • Luna: The wise black cat who guides and supports the Sailor Scouts throughout their journey.
  • Artemis: The loyal white cat and advisor of Sailor Venus.
  • Raye: Named after Raye Hino, the fiery and passionate Sailor Mars.
  • Lita: Derived from Lita Kino, the strong and protective Sailor Jupiter.
  • Mina: Inspired by Mina Aino, the cheerful and friendly Sailor Venus.
  • Amy: Named after Amy Anderson, the kind and intelligent Sailor Mercury.
  • Darien: Based on Darien Shields, Serena’s love interest and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.
  • Rini: Inspired by Rini, Serena and Darien’s daughter from the future, who becomes Sailor Mini Moon.
  • Diana: The purple-gray kitten and the child of Luna and Artemis in the series.
  • Hotaru: Named after Hotaru Tomoe, the gentle and mysterious Sailor Saturn.
  • Sailor Pluto: Named after the guardian of time, Setsuna Meioh, who has a serious demeanor.
  • Sailor Neptune: Based on the elegant and artistic Michiru Kaioh, the civilian identity of Sailor Neptune.
  • Haruka: Named after Haruka Tenou, also known as Sailor Uranus, with a strong and confident personality.
  • Sailor Star Maker: Inspired by Taiki Kou, musician and member of the Sailor Starlights.
  • Sailor Star Healer: Derived from Yaten Kou, another member of the Sailor Starlights.
  • Sailor Star Fighter: Based on Seiya Kou, the leader of the Sailor Starlights trio.
  • Galaxia: Named after Sailor Galaxia, the series’ powerful antagonist.
  • Molly: Inspired by one of Serena’s best friends, Molly Baker.
  • Melvin: Named after Melvin, a close friend of Serena and a comic relief character.
  • Akio: A charming character from the Sailor Moon series, ideal for a charismatic feline.
  • Chaos: The final antagonist of Sailor Moon, suitable for a black cat.
  • Chibi-Chibi: Its literal meaning is “small”; great for tiny or young felines.
  • Setsuna: Named after Setsuna Meioh, better known as Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time.
  • Mamoru: After Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask’s civilian identity, perfect for a dependable and protective cat.
  • Michiru: The civilian name of Sailor Neptune, fitting for an artistic and wise cat.
  • Umino: Ideal name for a witty or nerdy cat, inspired by Umino Gurio, a classmate of Usagi Tsukino.
  • Ikuko: A comforting name, after Usagi’s mother, Ikuko Tsukino.
  • Motoki: Named after Motoki Furuhata, a friend to Usagi and Mamoru, great for a friendly feline.
  • Naru: Inspired by Naru Osaka, Usagi’s best friend, a great name for a loyal cat.
  • Reika: Reika Nishimura, a supportive character in the series, is suitable for a supportive feline.
  • Haruna: Named after Usagi’s homeroom teacher, great for a cat who has a strict yet caring demeanor.
  • Shingo: Usagi’s little brother, fitting for a naughty yet lovable cat.
  • Unazuki: Inspired by Unazuki Furuhata, Motoki’s younger sister in the series.
  • Grandpa Hino: Named after Raye’s grandpa, ideal for an older, friendly cat.
  • Zoicite: One of Queen Beryl’s henchmen in the series, great for a fierce-looking cat.
  • Queen Beryl: A powerful antagonist of Sailor Moon, a fitting name for a majestic and dominant cat.
  • Jupiter: Named after Sailor Jupiter, perfect for a strong and caring feline.
  • Venus: Derived from Sailor Venus, ideal for a loving and friendly cat.
  • Tuxedo Mask: Named after the iconic Tuxedo Mask character, versatile for any gentleman cat.
  • Esmarelda: A villainous character from the series who becomes good later on, suitable for a cat with a change of heart.
  • Fisheye: A member of the Amazon Trio, perfect for a playful and mischievous cat.
  • Hawkseye: Named after another member of the Amazon Trio; ideal for a watchful and sly feline.
  • Tigereye: The third member of the Amazon Trio, fitting for an agile and fierce cat.
  • Helios: Named after the enigmatic character who transforms into Pegasus; perfect for a magical and mysterious cat.
  • Queen Nehelenia: The primary antagonist of the fourth season; a suitable name for a powerful and imposing female cat.
  • Saphir: Brother of Prince Demand, serving under the Black Moon Clan; suitable for a cat with an elegant demeanor.
  • Rubeus: A commander from the Black Moon Clan; a great name for a bold and ambitious cat.
  • Koan: One of the Spectre Sisters from the series, an ideal name for a passionate and determined cat.
  • Selesele: A name inspired by Sailor Selesele, one of the Sailor Animamates; suitable for a strong and ambitious cat.
  • Phobos: Named after one of Sailor Mars’ crow companions; ideal for a clever and observant feline.
  • Deimos: The second crow companion of Sailor Mars, suitable for a cat with a protective nature.
  • Jadeite: Named after a general in the Dark Kingdom, a great name for a feline with a strong presence.
  • Nephrite: Another general in the Dark Kingdom, suitable for a powerful and confident cat.
  • Mistress 9: A character from the series, known for her manipulation skills; perfect for a sly and intelligent cat.
  • Mimete: A character from The Witches 5, suitable for a cat with a unique and captivating personality.
  • Viluy: Ideal for an ice-cool feline, named after a character from The Witches who wields ice powers.
  • Tellu: Named after a plant-controlling character from The Witches 5, a fitting name for a cat who loves greenery.
  • Cyprine: A member of the Witches 5 who controls water and ice; perfect for a cool and agile cat.
  • Ptilol: A Witches 5 member known for electrical powers; great for a feline with a spark in their eyes.

Cool Sailor Moon Cat Names

Cool Sailor Moon Cat Names
Cool Sailor Moon Cat Names

Does your cat have that cool, which gets all heads turning? Their cool quotient shines through, making them the star of any gathering.

Delve deeper into the Sailor Moon universe and consider elements beyond the characters.

Think about the celestial bodies and magical elements that appear throughout the series. This clever twist on Sailor Moon names gives an extra sprinkle of cosmic wonder to your cat.

Let your imagination roam and discover a name that adds a touch of magic to your cat’s daily life.

Below you’ll find our list of cool Sailor Moon cat names for your deserving cute kitty.

  • Cosmo: Representing the infinite cosmos and the celestial theme of Sailor Moon.
  • Eclipse: A celestial phenomenon that captures the essence of the moon and the sun.
  • Moonbeam: The soft, graceful moonlight that encompasses Sailor Moon’s aura.
  • Starfire: Combining the imagery of a burning star and Sailor Star Fighter’s inspiration.
  • Aurora: Named after the majestic natural light display, symbolizing beauty and wonder.
  • Astro: A short and all-encompassing term that highlights the space theme of the series.
  • Comet: Inspired by celestial bodies that leave brilliant streaks in the sky.
  • Crystalline: Referring to the power of the Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon’s powerful artifact.
  • Gemini: Named after the zodiac sign, this name complements the celestial nature of the show.
  • Solara: Derived from the word ‘solar,’ representing a cat with radiant, sunny energy.
  • Meteor: Symbolizing a cat that powers through life with the force of a meteor.
  • Celeste: Inspired by the word ‘celestial’, representing the beauty and majesty of the cosmos.
  • Nebula: Derived from the interstellar clouds of dust and gas, this name suits an ethereal cat.
  • Rayleigh: Named after the scientific phenomenon that scatters sunlight in Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Zoe: An alternate spelling of the Japanese name Ami, referring to Sailor Mercury’s civilian identity.
  • Nova: Derived from a star that increases in brightness, representing a cat that lights up your life.
  • Stardust: Inspired by the glittering particles in space, a name for a cat that sparkles.
  • Celestia: A regal name encapsulating the essence of celestial bodies.
  • Galacticat: A fun twist on ‘galaxy’, combining it with ‘cat’ for a cosmic name.
  • Moonshadow: A dreamy name for a cat invoking the serene beauty of nighttime shadows.
  • Moony: A cat that is as radiant and comforting as the moon.
  • Solaris: Inspired by ‘solar,’ great for a cat filled with energy and warmth.
  • Starglow: A name that reflects the light and brilliance of a star, just as your cat.
  • Quasar: Named after the brightest and most distant celestial body, Quasar denotes energy and power.
  • Supernova: Ideal for a cat that’s explosive in its playfulness and charisma.
  • Pulsar: For a cat that is like a beacon of joy pulsating fun times.
  • Satellite: A satellite always near you just like your cat always nearby wanting your attention.
  • Hyperion: Named after one of Saturn’s moons, a good name for a calm and collected pet.
  • Solar Flare: For a cat whose personality is as vibrant and energetic as a solar flare.
  • Starshine: For a cat who is the shine of your life in the darkest of times.
  • Vortex: Named after space vortexes, perfect for a cat who loves spinning around.
  • Galactica: Inspired by the finale season of Sailor Moon, “Sailor Stars”, it refers to the universe or cosmos.
  • Nimbus: For a cloud-like fluffy cat.
  • Venusian: Derived from Venus, the planet symbolizing love and beauty.
  • Eros: The convenience of love, relevant due to the prevalent love theme in Sailor Moon.
  • Jovian: Inspired by the fifth planet, Jupiter, presenting a majestic feel.
  • Mercurial: Deriving from Mercury, for a quick and lively feline.
  • Selenite: Inspired by the moonstone, lends a magical, mystic feel.
  • Astara: Combining ‘star’ and ‘astra’, Latin for stars, it suits a starry-eyed cat.
  • Starlet: For a cat aspiring for fame, named after the celestial body and reminiscent of a budding actor.
  • Lunaris: Inspired by Sailor Moon’s moon theme, this name evokes mystery and beauty related to the moon.
  • Elysion: Named after the utopian kingdom in Sailor Moon, perfect for a cat who brings peace and comfort.
  • Solarion: Inspiring energy and warmth, ideal for a cat who fills life with sunshine.
  • Starborn: Inspired by the heavens, suitable for a cat with a celestial presence.
  • Moondust: Combines the mystical allure of the moon with a touch of stardust, a name for a heavenly cat.
  • Astra: A name inspired by the Latin word for ‘stars’, perfect for a cat who shines bright.
  • Orion: Named after the famous constellation, great for a cat who lights up the night sky.
  • Sonata: A musical term, inspired by the beautiful melodies in the Sailor Moon series.
  • Black Moon: A dark, mystical name inspired by the Black Moon Clan from the Sailor Moon series.
  • Utopia: Named after the dream world mentioned in Sailor Moon, suitable for a cat who brings peace and serenity.
  • Cosmic Whiskers: Combining the cosmic theme of the show and cats’ adorable whiskers, perfect for an out-of-this-world feline friend.
  • Moon Dance: A fitting name for a graceful and enchanting cat, inspired by the elegance of the moon.
  • Star Gazer: Ideal for a night-loving cat that likes to dream big or gaze at the stars.
  • Serenade: Inspired by the beautiful scores in the show, a name for a cat that brings harmony and joy.
  • Silver Mist: Hints at the mystical powers of the Silver Crystal; ideal for a feline with a magical presence.
  • Moonrise: For a cat whose presence fills your life with light and love, just as the moon illuminates the night sky.
  • Celestial Whiskers: Combining the magical essence of celestial bodies and the feline nature of whiskers, perfect for a pet that radiates a cosmic aura.
  • Astro Kitty: A cute and celestial-inspired name that ties in with the series’ extraterrestrial theme.
  • Starry Paws: Combining the endless beauty of the night sky and a cat’s adorable paws, suitable for a feline who leaves a trail of stardust.
  • Moonlight Sonata: Inspired by Beethoven’s famous musical piece, this name evokes a sense of ethereal beauty resonating with the Sailor Moon theme.

Sailor Moon Cat Names In Other Languages

Sailor Moon Cat Names In Other Languages
Sailor Moon Cat Names In Other Languages

Think global, and let your Sailor Moon love to escort you on a journey across cultures and languages. Sailor Moon’s universal appeal goes beyond the confines of any single language.

Look beyond English and explore other languages for a unique Sailor Moon cat name. This multicultural approach doesn’t just represent the global popularity of the series.

Giving your cat a sailor moon name in other languages adds depth, especially if you love the anime series.

These unique names, drawn from various characters, bring a global extent to your cat.

Here is our list of multilingual sailor moon cat names that capture the spirit of Sailor Moon while showing diverse cultures.

  • Mizuki (Beautiful moon, Japanese)
  • Tsukino (Of the moon, Japanese)
  • Hoshizora (Starry sky, Japanese)
  • Hikari (Light, Japanese)
  • Tenshi (Angel, Japanese)
  • Aiko (Little Love, Japanese)
  • Kibo (Hope, Japanese)
  • Yuuki (Courage, Japanese)
  • Kiyoshi (Purity, Japanese)
  • Amaya (Night rain, Japanese)
  • Luna (Moon, Italian)
  • Stella (Star, Italian)
  • Magia (Magic, Italian)
  • Bellezza (Beauty, Italian)
  • Cielo (Sky, Italian)
  • Amore (Love, Italian)
  • Vita (Life, Italian)
  • Speranza (Hope, Italian)
  • Coraggio (Courage, Italian)
  • Pace (Peace, Italian)
  • Lune (Moon, French)
  • Etoile (Star, French)
  • Lumière (Light, French)
  • Magique (Magic, French)
  • Beauté (Beauty, French)
  • Amour (Love, French)
  • Espoir (Hope, French)
  • Courage (Courage, French)
  • Vie (Life, French)
  • Paix (Peace, French)
  • Luna (Moon, Spanish)
  • Estrella (Star, Spanish)
  • Luz (Light, Spanish)
  • Mágica (Magic, Spanish)
  • Bella (Beautiful, Spanish)
  • Amor (Love, Spanish)
  • Esperanza (Hope, Spanish)
  • Coraje (Courage, Spanish)
  • Vida (Life, Spanish)
  • Paz (Peace, Spanish)
  • Mond (Moon, German)
  • Stern (Star, German)
  • Licht (Light, German)
  • Magie (Magic, German)
  • Schönheit (Beauty, German)
  • Liebe (Love, German)
  • Hoffnung (Hope, German)
  • Mut (Courage, German)
  • Leben (Life, German)
  • Frieden (Peace, German)
  • Luna (Moon, Russian)
  • Zvezda (Star, Russian)
  • Svet (Light, Russian)
  • Magiya (Magic, Russian)
  • Krasota (Beauty, Russian)
  • Lyubov (Love, Russian)
  • Nadezhda (Hope, Russian)
  • Muzhestvo (Courage, Russian)
  • Zhizn (Life, Russian)
  • Mir (Peace, Russian)

How To Choose Sailor Moon Cat Names

How To Choose Sailor Moon Cat Names
How To Choose Sailor Moon Cat Names

When choosing a Sailor Moon-inspired name, consider your cat’s physical traits, behavior, and personality.

For instance, an agile and graceful cat might be a real-life representation of a Sailor Soldier, whereas a protective companion mirrors the Guardian cats.

Follow these simple steps to find the perfect Sailor Moon-inspired cat name for your feline friend:

  1. Embrace Your Love: Let your passion for Sailor Moon guide your choices.
  2. Observe Your Cat: Consider your cat’s unique personality and traits when selecting a name.
  3. Research Meanings: Dive into the meanings and symbolism behind the names to find a suitable match.
  4. Try It Out: Say the names aloud and see which one feels most natural and resonates with your cat.
  5. Be Original: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, considering celestial bodies, magic elements, and unique settings from the Sailor Moon universe.

Enjoy the process, and soon you’ll find the perfect Sailor Moon-inspired name for your beloved pet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sailor Moon Cat Names

In this FAQs section, we have answered some of your most commonly asked questions about sailor moon cat names.

What are some popular Sailor Moon cat names?

Some popular Sailor Moon cat names are Luna, Artemis, and Diana, named after the cats in the series.

Other names inspired by the characters include Serena (Sailor Moon), Mina (Sailor Venus), and Darien (Tuxedo Mask).

Who are the cats in Sailor Moon?

There are three cats featured prominently in Sailor Moon: Luna, Artemis, and Diana.

What does the name Luna mean?

Luna is Latin for ‘moon’. In Sailor Moon, Luna is a wise and nurturing black cat who guides the Sailor Scouts.

Which Sailor Moon cat name is suitable for a black cat?

Luna, the black cat from Sailor Moon, would be an apt name. You may also consider naming them after other dark-themed characters.

Are there unisex Sailor Moon cat names?

Many Sailor Moon-inspired names like Luna or Artemis can be unisex.

You can also consider the names of planets or celestial bodies represented in the series.


So with that, naming your cat is a magical moment, and what better way to capture it than by choosing a Sailor Moon name?

Unveiling the right name for your cat is a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime moment. Sailor Moon’s cat names provide a blend of creativity, and charisma, reflecting the show’s spirit.

With our list of unique and cool Sailor Moon cat names, you’re bound to discover the perfect name for your cat.

From iconic characters to international twists, there’s a name that reflects every cat’s charm.

Embrace the spirit of Sailor Moon and embark on an adventure with your cat, as you bring a piece of the Moon Kingdom to your feline’s world.

The magic doesn’t end here. We hope our list of Sailor Moon cat names got you closer to finding a name that echoes your cat’s personality.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, fellow cat lovers, and anyone who sees the allure in their cat. See you soon. Peace.

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