Hockey Cat Names: 262+ Goal-Winning Names For Your Cat

Hockey Cat Names: Imagine shouting “Score!” each time you call your kitten for dinner or using your favorite player’s name whenever it’s time to play.

Sounds exciting, right? As a hockey fan, nothing is more thrilling than infusing your spirit for the sport into everyday life, especially when it comes to naming your cat.

If you’re ready to slapshot right into this adventure, you’ve arrived in the right place.

In this article, we will provide our extensive list of hockey-inspired names for your feline friend.

With this list, you’re sure to find a cat name that scores big and makes every call a tribute to your favorite sport!

Gear up as we explore our list of hockey-inspired cat names, each embodying a unique ethos and a hint of feline playfulness.

Why Choose A Hockey-themed Cat Name?

Why Choose A Hockey-Themed Cat Name?
Why Choose A Hockey-Themed Cat Name?

Picking a name for your cat that mirrors your love for the sport is a fun and personally meaningful process.

It serves as a reminder of your favorite hockey players, terms, or teams each time you call your little furball.

So, whether you’re a die-hard NHL fan or someone who appreciates the game, these hockey-inspired cat names are your goal-winning pick!

Hockey-Inspired Cat Names

Hockey-Inspired Cat Names
Hockey-Inspired Cat Names

When it comes to finding a name to celebrate your love of hockey, the choices are as wide and varied as the sport itself.

Hockey, after all, is not just a game but a language spoken by millions of fans. This language, rich with unique terms and phrases, offers a goldmine of cool names for your cat.

From the pull of the ‘puck’ to the dance of the ‘skates,’ or the role of the ‘Zamboni,’ each name brings a fraction of the sport home.

Drawing inspiration from the ice rink, every aspect of your cat can inspire a name that relates to hockey. It’s like attributing the aggressive, yet graceful ballet on ice to your cat.

Envisage how the spirit of the game comes alive each time you call your cat, turning a normal day into the Stanley Cup final!

Let’s hit the ice and explore our list of hockey-inspired cat names that truly capture the heart of the game.

PuckA compact and puck-shaped cat that loves to slide around the house.
ZamboniFor the cat who is constantly on the move, cleaning up after others.
RinkPerfect for a cat who loves to glide smoothly over surfaces like ice.
CheckersIdeal for a cat with a chessboard-like patterned fur.
DekeGreat for feline tricksters who excel at fake movements.
StanleyFor a cat who is clearly the champion in your home, akin to winning the Stanley Cup.
SlapshotFor a high-spirited cat with strong, fast movements.
SnipeGood for a cat with a knack for finding hidden toys or treats with precision.
HoserPerfect for cats that are relaxed, just like the defeated team in a street hockey game.
SweeperFor the tidy kitty who is constantly cleaning or grooming.
DasherBest suited to playful, energetic cats who dart around the house.
BreakawayIdeal for adventurous cats prepared to sprint or escape at any time.
CrossbarFor cats that love climbing and hanging out on high surfaces.
EnforcerSuits a protective cat who keeps others in check.
JumbotronPerfect for the cat who is always the center of attention.
DraftFits a cat that follows you wherever you go, like a player selected in a sports draft.
MittenIdeal for the kitty with paws that look like they’re wearing mittens.
PivotGreat for cats with the agility and quick turn of movement.
SinbinFor the rambunctious kitty who is always be in timeout.
StrikerPerfect for a cat who loves to pounce and attack their toys.
  • Twig: For a slender cat or a cat who loves to play with thin, stick-like objects.
  • Offside: Ideal for the cat who always seems to be where they’re not supposed to be.
  • Shorty: For a small-sized feline who is big on personality.
  • Netminder: A great name for a cat who always seems to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Grind Line: Perfect for cats that never give up, constantly working hard to entertain you or chase down that elusive red laser dot.
  • Forecheck: This name suits a curious cat who likes to inspect new visitors or sniff out hidden treats.
  • Top Shelf: Perfect for those high-reaching cats who think that the top shelf of any bookcase or cabinet is their domain.
  • Icing: If your cat has a frosty demeanor or white fur, this will be a perfect name.
  • Penalty Box: Ideal for naughty kitties who require a bit of disciplining now and then.
  • Wraparound: For the agile cat, who has a knack for wrapping around corners or your legs.
  • Blue Line: A great name for a cat with bluish-gray fur or striking blue eyes.
  • Wrist Shot: Perfect for a quick and agile cat with pounce precision.
  • One-Timer: For that cat who gets everything right on the first try.
  • Power Play: Fits a strong, dominant cat who always has the upper paw.
  • Gordie (After Gordie Howe hat trick): Perfect for the cat who has three skills that set them apart, like playing, hunting, and cuddling.
  • Plexi (Plexiglass): Ideal for a transparent, emotionally open kitty or a cat with glassy, clear eyes.
  • Overtime: For those cats who always want to play… even when it’s beyond their bedtime.
  • Goalie: This name suits a cat who is always ready to block your every move.
  • Empty Net: For a cat who leaves their bed or cozy corner empty.
  • Crease: A perfect name for a cat with uniquely patterned fur.
  • Backhand: An ideal name for a cat who has a unique way of reaching out or playing with their paw.
  • Biscuit: This affectionate moniker suits a cat who is as comforting as they are cute.
  • Snipe: For a furtive and stealthy cat who moves with both speed & precision.
  • Coke Corner: For the cat who’s always found in their absolute favorite corner of the house.
  • Cherry Picker: Especial for cats who always manage to find and pick out the best lounging spots.
  • Deflection: For a kitty who masterfully diverts your attention from where it should be.
  • Dangler: Well-suited for a cat who likes to play with dangling string toys.
  • Silky: Perfect for a cat with particularly smooth and glossy fur.
  • Sweeper: Will suit best cats that clean up after their mess or constantly groom themselves.
  • Active Stick: This one is for very playful cats that love to play with sticks or other long objects.
  • Captain: For a cat that takes control and leads the fun in your home, just like a team captain.
  • Cage: This is perfect for a cat that loves to hide in boxed or enclosed places.
  • Coach: Best for the cat who guides other pets or controls their activities.
  • Rebound: An ideal name for a resilient feline who bounced back from health or other issues.
  • Neutral Zone: Perfect for a peaceful cat who brings harmony to your home.
  • Shadow: Will suit a cat who loves to follow their owner around the house closely, just like a shadow.
  • Blocker: For a cat who always sits in front of doors or steps.
  • Change: Perfect for a kitty who is adventurous and loves to switch things up, just like player change in Hockey.
  • Bridge: This will suit a cat who likes to span gaps between furniture or people, bridging their paths.
  • The Point: A good name for a cat who is the “point of focus” of attention in your household.
  • Foil: This one will suit a playful cat whose actions foil your plans.
  • Grinder: Perfect for hard-working, tenacious cats who don’t stop till they get what they want.
  • Line Change: This will suit a fickle cat who constantly changes their favorite spots to sleep or play.
  • Melon: For a cute cat that is as awesome as a fresh Melon.
  • Mucker: Perfect for a cat who loves to mess around in mud or garden soil.
  • Saucer Pass: Perfect for a cat who always reaches for the food plate.
  • Sick: If your cat is simply too cool for words, then this slang term for awesome and awesome suits.
  • Bardownski: If your cat is top-notch or the best, just like when a hockey puck hits the bottom of the bar and enters the goal.
  • Chippy: Will suit a kitty who is lively and spirited and never shies away from confrontations.
  • Pipe: Name inspired by hockey lingo, for a cat that stands out, like a hockey puck that hits the post on either side of the net is said to hit the pipe.

Hockey Cat Names Male

Hockey Cat Names Male
Hockey Cat Names Male

Are you searching for a unique hockey-inspired name for your male fur baby? Don’t fret!

Hockey is full of famed male figures whose monikers echo the glory and thrill synonymous with the game. Let the names of past legends and present stars guide your choice.

Infused with their talent and skills, every name has a story to tell. Picture yourself calling out a renowned name in the corridors of your home.

It’s bound to add a touch of fandom to your pet-parent routine and cause a flutter in the hearts of fellow hockey lovers.

Give your feline a name that stands out, something that captures their zest for life and love for play.

Stand by as we give you our list of hockey cat names for male cats that honor their spirit and energy.

  • Gretzky
  • Lemieux
  • Orr
  • Howe
  • Richard
  • Esposito
  • Crosby
  • Ovechkin
  • Thornton
  • Jagr
  • Messier
  • Hull
  • Sakic
  • Lafleur
  • Yzerman
  • Bure
  • Lindros
  • Tretiak
  • Kane
  • Pronger
  • Jagr
  • Selanne
  • Brodeur
  • Hasek
  • Lidstrom
  • Plante
  • Coffey
  • Mikita
  • Bourque
  • Dryden
  • Fedorov
  • Clarke
  • Harvey
  • Neely
  • Beliveau
  • MacInnis
  • Horton
  • Modano
  • Savard
  • Robitaille
  • Parent
  • Hall
  • Morenz
  • Park
  • Trottier
  • Lemaire
  • Dionne
  • Gartner
  • Bossy
  • Sittler
  • Fleury
  • Chelios
  • Kariya
  • Stevens
  • Shanahan
  • Potvin
  • Kurri
  • Robinson
  • Hextall
  • Laperriere
  • Richard
  • Gilmour
  • Niedermayer
  • Sedin
  • Osgood
  • Brind’Amour
  • Chara
  • Forsberg
  • O’Reilly
  • Iginla

Hockey Cat Names Female

Hockey Cat Names Female
Hockey Cat Names Female

As the popularity of women’s hockey grows, the list of inspiring female names to choose from grows as well.

Each name underscores the sheer grit it takes to shine in a sport regarded by many as male-dominated.

The names of these trailblazing athletes are testaments to their powerful roles in forwarding female representation in the game.

Your female cat mirrors the characteristics of some of the most potent female hockey players.

A name drawn from these figures for your cat mirrors their elegance and the “never back down” spirit.

It’s a fun and personal way to captivate and inspire every girl hockey fan in your home, and beyond!

Let these female hockey cat names score a goal straight into your cat’s heart and turn your little feline into a mini ice warrior.

  • Wickenheiser
  • Hefford
  • Ruggiero
  • Ouellette
  • Szabados
  • Chu
  • Granato
  • Schuler
  • Larocque
  • Campbell
  • Botterill
  • Stack
  • Knight
  • Vaillancourt
  • Piper
  • Apps
  • Mikkelson
  • St. Pierre
  • Kingsbury
  • Darwitz
  • Spooner
  • Decker
  • Marvin
  • Jenner
  • Lamoureux
  • Stecklein
  • Smelker
  • Mleczko
  • Ambrose
  • Coyne
  • Wakefield
  • Lawler
  • Drolet
  • Tapper
  • Hensley
  • Bellamy
  • Merz
  • Irwin
  • Duggan
  • Agosta
  • Laing
  • Burke
  • Brandt
  • Pucci
  • Bonhomme
  • Dingeldein
  • Mounsey
  • Kessel
  • Pettey
  • Dougoud
  • Bolden
  • Gedman
  • Nystrom
  • Looney
  • Bye
  • Wilson
  • Tumminia
  • Gunning
  • Shewchuk
  • Hennessey
  • Gigliotti
  • Fisher
  • Gosling
  • Friesen
  • Erdman
  • Dunn
  • Catalde
  • Luce
  • Gough
  • Heaney

Unisex Hockey Cat Names

Unisex Hockey Cat Names
Unisex Hockey Cat Names

If you’re looking for a name that transcends gender barriers, unisex hockey cat names are the way to go.

Hockey is a game of skills, and strategy, blind to gender, and there is no reason why cat names need to be any different.

The Hockey world has words that make meaningful names, irrespective of whether your cat is a boy or girl.

It could be an event, a strategy, or a symbol of hockey. Having a universal appeal, they express the spirit of the game, making them fit any feline fan.

After all, as supporters and pet parents, sharing that passion for the game via your cat’s name is all part of the fun!

Stride through our list of unisex hockey cat names, sure to get paws-up approval irrespective of whether your kitten is a little boy or a girl.

  • Jersey
  • Skate
  • Centre
  • Wings
  • Pads
  • Fancam
  • Ice
  • Guard
  • Jargon
  • Stride
  • Buzzer
  • Defender
  • Glide
  • Victory
  • Shootout
  • Spectator
  • Fans
  • Playbook
  • Draft
  • Shot
  • Score
  • Sneak
  • Draft
  • Knot
  • Ruler
  • All-Star
  • Faceoff
  • Roster
  • Stick
  • Slapper
  • Helmet
  • Glove
  • Straps
  • Breezers
  • Trapper
  • Stopper
  • Dangles
  • Overtime
  • Pylon
  • Quinto
  • Rocket
  • Sauce
  • Sweater
  • Shinny
  • Lifeline
  • Grinder
  • Flex
  • Edge
  • Toe Drag
  • Bender
  • Bucket
  • Cage
  • Cherry
  • Dish
  • Duster
  • Mitts
  • Twig
  • Tilt
  • Pigeon
  • Plug
  • Rope
  • Salad
  • Shower
  • Stripe
  • Tuna
  • Yard Sale
  • Wheels
  • Gino
  • Grinder
  • Blades

Tips On Choosing The Right Hockey Cat Name

Tips On Choosing The Right Hockey Cat Name
Tips On Choosing The Right Hockey Cat Name

Choosing the right hockey-inspired cat name is a lot of fun, especially if you’re a fan of the sport.

Here we have 6 tips that will help you in selecting the right hockey-inspired name for your cat.

  • Personality: Match the name with your cat’s character.
  • Physical Traits: Use your cat’s appearance for inspiration.
  • Pronunciation: Pick a name that is easy to say.
  • Uniqueness: Choose a less common name for novelty.
  • Your Passion: Incorporate your love for hockey in the name.
  • Test the Name: Try it out for a few days to see if it fits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hockey Cat Names

Explore our FAQs, and get answers to your questions as we dive into the world of hockey-inspired cat names.

What are hockey cat names?

Hockey cat names are pet names inspired by the sport of ice hockey. This includes using the names of famous players, teams, slang terms used in the game, hockey gear, and more.

Why should I choose a hockey-inspired name for my cat?

Choosing a hockey-inspired name for your cat is a unique way to showcase your passion for the sport while also giving your feline a memorable name.

Can I name my cat after my favorite hockey player?

Naming your cat after your favorite hockey player is a fun way to pay tribute to them.

What if I want a hockey name for my cat that’s not a player’s name?

There are a plethora of other options, such as terms from the game, equipment names, hockey slang or even team names.

Do NHL players ever name their pets after hockey?

While not every player may do this, there have been instances of NHL players naming their pets with a tribute to their passion.

Should my cat’s personality influence their hockey-inspired name?

It’s always a good idea to consider your cat’s personality when choosing a name. For instance, a speedy cat can be named “Skater”, or a defensive one could be named “Goalie”.

What if I don’t know much about hockey but want a hockey-themed name for my cat?

In that case, we would recommend you consider asking your friends who are fans of the sport.

You can also choose names based on the terms or team names that are widely recognized, even by non-fans.

Are there any tips to help my cat get used to their new name?

Consistently using the name, and speaking it in a high, happy tone will help your cat get used to their new name faster.


In this grand game of naming your cat, we hope that our list of cat names inspired by hockey has brought you one step closer to finding the best match.

Choose a name for your cat that embodies the thrill, passion, and sportsmanship of the game.

It should reflect your love for the sport and bond your furry friend to something close to your heart.

Whether it’s a player or a hockey term celebrate your sport and your pet coming together in a cool identity.

As they say in hockey, ‘Let’s do that hockey,’ and let’s do it with the purrfect name for your cat!

Let’s set the puck rolling and name your cat after the game that echoes with the noise of passion and resilience.

Don’t forget to share this post with your hockey-loving friends who are blessed with a cat. Until our next face-off, keep gaming, and keep purring!

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