Halloween Party Names: 272+ Funny Halloween Party Names

Halloween Party Names: As the clock strikes midnight on October 1st, it’s as if the world transforms. But that’s not an ordinary clock it’s the ghostly team chiming in from the other side.

The veil between the living and the supernatural has thinned, ominous whispers are in the air, and Jack-o’-lantern grins are shining from every corner.

Halloween is here! It’s time to channel your inner ghoul and host the most ‘fang-tastic’ Halloween party anyone has ever seen.

But before you scatter your bat-shaped invites, your party needs an identity a memorable Halloween party name that will make guests curious, thrilled, and just a little bit nervous.

We’ve dug deep into the vault and unearthed a lot of ghostly, hilarious, stylishly spooky, and spine-chilling Halloween party names.

In this article, we will explore our list of Halloween party names that are more enthralling than Dracula’s commanding gaze.

Put on your witch’s hat and twist your magic wand as we go on a bone-rattling journey through our list of Halloween party names.

Halloween Party Names Ideas

Halloween Party Names Ideas
Halloween Party Names Ideas

Behold! The season of witches, black cats, and pumpkin carvings is upon us. Halloween, a holiday that inspires creativity, provides the opportunity for a haunting event.

The secret to throwing an unforgettable Halloween party lies in selecting an exceptional name that captures the essence of the event.

A great Halloween party name not only creates interest but also sets the stage for the ambiance you wish to create.

From mysterious to spooky, Halloween party names run the gamut, ensuring there’s a perfect name for every type of haunted gathering.

Below you’ll find our list of mystifying Halloween party names ideas fit for any horrific gathering.

  • All Hallow’s Bash
  • Boo Bash
  • Ghost Gathering
  • Fright Night Fête
  • Monster Mash
  • Spooky Soiree
  • Pumpkin Palace
  • Vampire’s Banquet
  • Spiderweb Spectacle
  • Zombie Zoo
  • Phantom Fiesta
  • Mummy Mixup
  • Scarecrow’s Ball
  • Haunted Harvest
  • Ghoul’s Grist
  • Claws and Flaws
  • Dark Shadows Shindig
  • Hocus Pocus Huddle
  • Tarot Troupe
  • Ouija Waltz
  • Witches’ Whirlwind
  • Skeleton Shuffle
  • Spine-Chilling Jam
  • Bloodcurdling Banquet
  • Unearthly Union
  • Cryptic Capers
  • Magic & Mischief
  • Enchanted Eve
  • Moonlit Masquerade
  • Wicked Whirl
  • Haunting Hour
  • Twilight Terrors
  • Black Cat Ball
  • Supernatural Social
  • Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree
  • Shadow Spectacle
  • Macabre Masquerade
  • Bewitching Ball
  • Arcane Assembly
  • Sinister Soiree
  • Ghostly Gala
  • Phantasmagoric Fiesta
  • Bewitched Banquet
  • Apparition Affair
  • Infernal Invocation
  • Midnight Menagerie
  • Haunted Huddle
  • Celestial Conjuring
  • Cursed Carnival
  • Tombstone Tea
  • Ectoplasm Emporium
  • Ghouls’ Gathering
  • Spirits and Specters
  • Murky Mischief
  • Phantom Phantasia
  • Grisly Ghouls’ Gala
  • Chilling Conclave
  • Demonic Delights
  • Fearsome Festival
  • Sorcerous Summit
  • Haunting Hymns
  • Shadow Serenade
  • Revenant Revelry
  • Pumpkin Parade
  • Broomstick Boogie
  • Enigma Encounter
  • Dreadful Dance
  • Gloomy Gala
  • Spectral Symposium
  • Paranormal Party
  • Eerie Escapade
  • Invisible Intrigue
  • Haunted Hoorah
  • Shuddering Shindig
  • Dark Delusion

Funny Halloween Party Names

Funny Halloween Party Names
Funny Halloween Party Names

Does your ideal Halloween gathering include lots of laughs and good-spirited fun? Then a funny Halloween party name will set the perfect tone.

When it comes to Halloween, being spooky doesn’t mean you can’t be kooky. While the screams and scares are a crucial part of Halloween, so too, are the tickles and giggles.

Chills and thrills don’t have to be the only guests at your Halloween party. Infusing it with humor will not just lighten the mood but add a delightful twist to the entire ambiance.

Funny names merge the spooky with the silly, making the dreadful memorable and the horrifying hilarious. These names will bring a smile to your guests’ faces, even as they shiver in their boots.

Here is our list of funny Halloween party names that twist together the spirit of Halloween and a sense of humor.

  • Witches Be Crazy
  • Fangs for the Memories
  • Boo-levard Bizarre
  • Fang-tastic Fest
  • Creep It Real
  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Witchful Thinking
  • Mummy Issues
  • Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life
  • The Boo Crew
  • Morticia’s Merlot Madness
  • Boo’s and Booze
  • The Ghoul Times
  • Life’s a Witch
  • Witch and Famous
  • Where My Witches At
  • Ghost Malone
  • The Dead End
  • Pint Sized Poltergeist
  • Trick or Treat Yo’ Self
  • Gettin’ Creepy With It
  • Here for the Boos
  • Spooktacular Shenanigans
  • Gourd Vibes Only
  • Ghoul’s Night Out
  • Hey Boo-ty
  • Horror Hilarity
  • I Vant to Suck Your Blood
  • Feast of Frights
  • Mistle-toe Monster Mash
  • Ye Olde Zombie Zipper
  • Witches Brew Pajamboree
  • Bag of Bones Breakdown
  • Goblin Gala Guffaw
  • Harvest Moon Howl-arity
  • It’s a Thriller!
  • Dead Men Tell No Jokes
  • Dance with the Devil
  • Rest In Pieces
  • Chaotic Cauldron
  • Haunted Happy Hour
  • The Undead Do
  • Skeleton Smiles
  • Broomstick Boogie-woogie
  • Ghastly Humor Ball
  • Batty Banter
  • Franken-grins
  • Spooktacular Cackles
  • Mirthful Monster Melee
  • Be-Witching Buffoonery
  • Jovial Jack-o’-Lantern Jamboree
  • Monstrous Fete
  • Ha-Ha-Haunted House
  • Boogie Nights
  • Boo-roarious Bash
  • Pop Rocks & Poltergeists
  • Scared Silly Soiree
  • Sweet Screams
  • Hexcellent!
  • Beastly Banter
  • Spooky Spirits & Silliness
  • Reanimated Ruckus
  • Mortal Merriment
  • Frightful Frolics
  • Fiendish Folly Fête
  • Crypt Keepers & Giggles
  • Bone-Chilling Chuckles
  • Ghostly Grins
  • Frightful Funnery
  • Unseen Comedy Union
  • Toil and Trouble Trivia
  • Cackling Cauldron
  • Ha-Ha-Hallow’s Eve
  • Spooktastic Spoofs
  • Fearful Frivolity

Cool Halloween Party Names

Cool Halloween Party Names
Cool Halloween Party Names

Are you craving to organize a cool Halloween celebration that adds up to a trendy yet mysterious ambiance? Then the best choice would be a cool Halloween party name that merges culture with spookiness.

Halloween is a holiday of creativity, uniqueness, and intrigue, calling for a cool Halloween party name that sparks curiosity, wonder, and chill.

Cool names bring a modern and trendy vibe to your Halloween gathering, adding a sense of style and intrigue. They play with words and phrases to create an atmosphere that’s trendy and chilling.

These names strive to capture the darker sophistication of Halloween, making an air of intrigue and an elusive, enigmatic charm.

Here, we present to you our list of cool Halloween party names that will inject an air of stylish spookiness into your epic Halloween party.

  • The Black Cat Bash
  • Voodoo Vortex
  • The Cobweb Coven
  • Night Shadows Nocturne
  • Gravestone Groove
  • Shadows on the Wall
  • Full Moon Fever
  • Misty Moonlight Masquerade
  • Candles and Cobwebs
  • Nightfall Nexus
  • Jack-O-Lantern Jubilée
  • Afterlife Affair
  • Phantasm Phenomenon
  • Lunar Light Lounge
  • Sinister Sunset Soiree
  • Eerie Elegance
  • Nocturnal Noir
  • Twilight Tempest
  • Specter & Shadow
  • Gothic Glow Gala
  • Timeless Terror
  • Midnight Mirage
  • Dusk ’til Dawn Dedication
  • Sublime & Supernatural
  • Haunted Vogue
  • Dark Dapper Delight
  • Moonlit Monstrosity
  • Bewitching Bazaar
  • Swanky Specters
  • Obsidian Oasis
  • Divine Darkness
  • Celestial Shadows
  • Stygian Silk
  • Enchanted Onyx
  • Vampy Velvet
  • Cryptic Couture
  • Entropy Elite
  • Shadows & Chic
  • Elegant Eclipse
  • Charnel Chateau
  • Opulent Occult
  • Dusky Decadence
  • Ghostly Glamour
  • Nocturne Nirvana
  • Whispering Wraiths
  • Polished Phantoms
  • Shadow Sophistication
  • Blackout Ball
  • Spirits of the Night
  • Sorcerous Splendor
  • Bewitched Belles & Beaux
  • Wraiths & Riches
  • Decadent Darkness
  • Supernatural Soiree
  • Ethereal Enigma
  • Velvet Vampires
  • Spectral Splendour
  • Moonlit Mystique
  • Glamour Ghouls
  • Allure of the Night
  • Immortal Illumination
  • Transcendent Twilight
  • The Stylish Séance
  • Bewitching Ballet
  • Elegant Exorcism
  • Chills & Chess
  • Ghostly Gourmands
  • Blood Red Ballroom
  • Twilight Tuxedo
  • Spirit Sele

Scary Halloween Party Names

Scary Halloween Party Names
Scary Halloween Party Names

What could be more fitting for Halloween than a chilling, hair-raising Halloween party name that sends shivers down your spine?

If you aim to evoke fear and apprehension, choosing a scary Halloween party name would set the perfect spooky ambiance.

Halloween embodies an element of fright and scariness, and thus having a scary Halloween party name could set the right mood for your bone-chilling spook-fest.

Scary Halloween party names echo the darker, more terrifying side of the holiday, ensuring yours will truly be a night of fright.

These names plunge into the darkest corners of fears, combining the thrill of the unknown with horror, creating a haunting experience that will remain in the minds of your guests.

Here is our list of horror-inducing scary Halloween party names that will give your Halloween party an aura of scary and dreadful.

  • Blood Bath Bash
  • Tombstone Territory
  • Nightmare Nostalgia
  • Spine-Tingling Spectacle
  • The Ghoul’s Grind
  • Fear Factory
  • Graveyard Gala
  • Shrieks and Freaks
  • Dead Zone
  • Darkness Descent
  • Terror Town
  • Horror House
  • Crypt Corners
  • Soul Seekers
  • The Bump-in-the-Night Ball
  • Chilling Catacombs
  • The Screaming Spirits
  • Abyssal Abode
  • Chamber of Horrors
  • Wraith’s Waltz
  • Haunted Happening
  • Apparition Amalgamation
  • The Fearful Festival
  • Grove of Ghouls
  • Cavern of Creeps
  • Mortuary Meltdown
  • Reaper’s Retreat
  • Lurking Labyrinth
  • Forest of Fears
  • Gory Gathering
  • Hellish Haven
  • Coffin Carnival
  • Nightmare on Your Street
  • Witching Hour Revels
  • Phantom’s Feast
  • Skull Summit
  • Dreadful Domain
  • House of Terrors
  • Sleepy Hollow Soiree
  • Infernal Inn
  • Ghostly Grounds
  • The Unseen Underworld
  • Forsaken Fortress
  • Sinister Sanctuary
  • Haunting Hollow
  • Shadowy Nightmare
  • Cursed Conclave
  • Macabre Mansion
  • Deathly Den
  • Dark Desolation
  • Blood Moon Ball
  • Demon’s Domain
  • The Final Destination
  • Scare Central
  • The Scream Scene
  • Paranormal Playground
  • The Hallowed Hallows
  • The Howling Hollow
  • Domain of Doom
  • The Ominous Oasis
  • Mystifying Maze
  • Whispering Whispers
  • Shadows of Despair
  • The Lurking Lounge
  • Haunted Hellhole
  • The Fearful Forest
  • Tormented Trails
  • The Terror Tower
  • Bloodcurdling Banter
  • Trembling Terrors
  • Misery Manse
  • ShIVER Shindig
  • Eerie Estate
  • The Shadows Lair
  • The Catacomb Crush

Frequently Asked Questions About Halloween Party Names

Whether you’re planning a spooky soiree or a ghoul-filled gathering, your Halloween party name sets the tone.

Below, we have answered some of your most frequently asked questions about Halloween party names with helpful answers.

What are some funny Halloween party names?

Funny Halloween party names often involve puns or humorous plays on phrases, such as ‘Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun’, ‘Boos and Booze’ or ‘Creep It Real.’

Why is a good Halloween party name important?

A good Halloween party name sets the stage for your entire event, piquing interest and setting the tone for the ambiance you want to create.

How do I choose the perfect Halloween party name?

Consider your guests, theme, and level of scariness you want. The right name will match these elements while also being memorable and unique.

Should my Halloween party name tie into my party theme?

While it’s not required, a party name that complements your theme can enhance the overall cohesive feel and ambiance.

Any tips for creating a unique Halloween party name?

Think about what makes your party special, play around with puns and alliteration, and consider classic Halloween symbols like witches, black cats, or Jack-o’-lanterns.

What’s an example of a Halloween name perfect for a kid’s party?

Names like ‘Pumpkin Patch Party’, ‘Boo Bash’, or ‘Spooky Spectacle’ are fun for a younger crowd.

What’s a good name for a Halloween costume party?

Names like ‘Masquerade Macabre’, ‘Disguise Soiree’, or ‘Creepy Costume Carnival’ can highlight the costume aspect.

What are some cute Halloween party names?

If you’re looking for something less scary and more adorable, consider ‘Candy Corn Carnival’, ‘Pumpkin Party’, or ‘Spooky Snuggle Fest.’

Does a Halloween party name need to be scary?

Not at all! The party name should fit the vibe you’re going for. It can be fun, classy, elegant, or spooky. It’s your choice!


So with that, you have our list of Halloween party names to suit just about any type of Halloween event you’re thinking of hosting.

Choosing the perfect Halloween party name may seem like a daunting task, but our list can help you find the right one.

Whether you aim to send shivers of suspense rippling through your guests, these Halloween party names will ensure that your event is a beastly party that will haunt guests in the best way possible.

Use these Halloween party name ideas to showcase your party’s unique vibe. Choose a chilling name to terrify your guests or go for laughs with a funny name.

As we know the real magic of Halloween lies not in the spooks and sweet treats, but in the mysterious, fascinating gatherings that we engrave in our memory for years to come.

We hope our list of Halloween party names has inspired you. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family so they get inspired. Thank you and happy Halloween. Peace.

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