Aristocats Cat Names: 131+ Aristocats Names For Your Cat

Aristocats Cat Names: Are you a passionate Disney fan who just welcomed a furry friend into your home?

Why not sprinkle some of that Disney magic into your cat’s world? After all, your special cat deserves a name as cute as Disney’s Aristocats characters.

Bring a touch of elegance to your feline with the enchanting world of Disney’s Aristocats!

With so many charming characters and a great storyline, this classic has inspired generations of cat lovers.

Dive into the animated universe and explore our list of Aristocats-inspired cat names.

It’s a cat lover’s guide to naming your friend and celebrating them in an Aristocatic fashion!

Aristocats Names

Aristocats Names
Aristocats Names

Disney’s enchanting ‘The Aristocats’ is a treasure trove of names for cat lovers.

The beauty of Aristocats is that they carry themselves with a unique charm and elegance.

Glimpses of Royal lineage whispered through their tailed strut and majestic purrs.

If your cat seems to emanate this regality, picking from this list of Aristocats names will be the ticket.

Dive into this classic animation and meet a cast of varied characters and quirks. Look beyond the main plot and explore the charming side characters too.

Let this touching story inspire you to find the ideal Aristocat name for your cat. Spark your creativity and give your feline a unique identity to cherish.

Go through our list of Aristocats names and choose a name that captures your cat’s essence.

  • Duchess: The mother of three kittens, she’s characterized by her beauty and elegance.
  • Thomas O’Malley: The chivalrous and charismatic alley cat who comes to the aid of the Duchess and her kittens.
  • Roquefort: A friendly mouse working closely with O’Malley to help the Duchess and her kittens.
  • Scat Cat: A musical street cat. Highly rhythmic and has a distinctive hat.
  • Peppo: An Italian member of Scat Cat’s gang, known for his jovial nature.
  • Hit Cat: An English cat from the gang that speaks with a Liverpudlian accent, reflecting the Beatles’ influence in the ’60s.
  • Chinese Cat: A Siamese cat from the gang, showcasing the influence of East Asian culture.
  • Billy Boss: This Russian Blue cat from Scat Cat’s gang adds an international flair.
  • Frou-Frou: Madame’s trusted horse who assists O’Malley.
  • Abigail: One of the English geese who befriend the main characters.
  • Amelia: Abigail’s sister, who is just as friendly and helpful.
  • Uncle Waldo: A mischief-loving, slightly intoxicated goose saved from being a dinner entree by the sisters Abigail and Amelia.
  • Captain: An old English sheepdog who contributes to the felines’ mission.
  • Napoleon: An assertive Bloodhound who plays the role of Lafayette, his Basset Hound friend.
  • Lafayette: An easy-going and lovable basset hound part of the comedic side plot with Napoleon.
  • Marie: One of the kittens, a white, dainty cat with a ladylike demeanor.
  • Toulouse: The oldest of the kittens, who loves painting.
  • Berlioz: The smallest kitten, who is piano-playing and dark gray.
  • Adelaide: The kind woman who owns the Duchess and her kittens.
  • Georges Hautecourt: The eccentric lawyer of Madame Adelaide.
  • Edgar: The butler-turned-antagonist in the movie.
  • Colonel: A trusted hound dog and a major in the British army who aids the cats.
  • Sergeant Tibbs: A brave tabby cat who assists the Colonel.
  • Waldo: The daredevil cousin of the English geese, Uncle Waldo.
  • Beppo: One of the fun-loving alley cats in the movie.
  • Gendarmes: The two policeman dogs, causing accidents while chasing Edgar.
  • Luncher: A French cat with a penchant for fine cuisine.
  • Truck Movers: Two men are tasked with moving a piano but are foiled by the cats.
  • Felice: A stylish French feline.
  • Mad Cat: A grumpy and no-nonsense alley cat.
  • Shun Gon: A Siamese cat playing Chinese percussion instruments in Scat Cat’s band.
  • Billy Boss: This Russian Blue cat from Scat Cat’s gang adds an international flair.
  • Hit Cat: An English cat who stands out for his Liverpudlian accent.
  • Peppo: An Italian member of Scat Cat’s gang, known for his happy-go-lucky personality.
  • Alley Cats: A group of street-smart felines who are allies of Thomas O’Malley.
  • English Kitty: A refined and well-mannered cat who is a part of high society.
  • Italian Kitty: A warm, passionate cat who loves pasta and opera.
  • Russian Kitty: This dashingly elegant cat could charm anyone despite the chilly weather.
  • Opera Singing Cat: This melodramatic cat always hits the highest notes.
  • Le Petit Cafe Cook: The French chef with exquisite cooking skills in the cafe frequented by the cats.
  • Le Petit Cafe Waiter: A charming fellow offering top-tier service to the cafe’s patrons.
  • Milkman: The dependable source of everyone’s favorite beverage.
  • Ice Cream Vendor: The joyful provider of everyone’s favorite summer treats.
  • Zoo Elephants: A family of elephants who make a funny appearance in the movie.
  • Zoo Birds: A family of parakeets in the same zoo, each with a quirk of its own.

Aristocats Cat Names Male

Aristocats Cat Names Male
Aristocats Cat Names Male

Exploring the world of Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’ to find the perfect name for your male cat? You are in the right place!

The male characters in the Aristocats movie all bear names that are as charismatic as they are.

Whether it’s the suave, street-smart tomcat, or the witty kitten, each character’s name carries a unique personality.

They have a blend of charm, and a touch of mischief, traits that many of our male feline friends share!

An Aristocats cat name will elevate your male cat’s presence. Choosing an Aristocats name for your male cat means more than a regular cat name.

It defines their uniqueness and their undeniable charisma. Ready to award an Aristocats-inspired name on your male cat?

Here’s our list of Aristocats cat names for males, each resonating with a blend of charm and elegance.

  • Thomas: Short for Thomas O’Malley. He’s both street-smart and heroic.
  • O’Malley: Part of Thomas O’Malley’s name. He’s known for his kindness and bravery.
  • Roquefort: Named after the kind-hearted mouse who helps the Duchess and her kittens.
  • Scat: Inspired by Scat Cat, who’s highly rhythmic and wears a stylish hat.
  • Peppo: Taken from the character Peppo, a jovial cat of Italian descent.
  • Hit: Short for Hit Cat, an English cat with a Liverpudlian accent.
  • Chinese: After the Chinese Cat, a member of Scat Cat’s gang.
  • Billy: Inspired by Billy Boss, a Russian Blue cat from Scat Cat’s gang.
  • Colonel: After the benevolent hound dog who aids the cats in their journey.
  • Tibbs: Drawing inspiration from Sergeant Tibbs, a brave tabby cat who assists the Colonel.
  • Napoleon: Named after the assertive but lovable Bloodhound.
  • Lafayette: After the easy-going basset hound, adding a French flair to the name.
  • Toulouse: After the oldest of the Duchess’s kittens, who loves painting and is adventurous.
  • Berlioz: After the youngest and smallest kitten, who is a piano-playing prodigy.
  • Waldo: The daredevil cousin of the English geese, Uncle Waldo.
  • Beppo: One of the fun-loving alley cats of Scat Cat’s gang.
  • Luncher: A French cat with a penchant for fine cuisine.
  • Gendarme: Inspired by the French policemen dogs that are always on Edgar’s trail.
  • Felice: A stylish and sophisticated cat who loves the finer things in life.
  • Shun Gon: Named after a Siamese cat that plays Chinese percussion instruments in Scat Cat’s band.
  • Truck: Draws inspiration from one of the truck movers, displaying tenacity and teamwork.
  • Mover: Named after the piano-moving workers, representing strength and determination.
  • Milkman: A reliable cat that takes after the milkman’s responsibility.
  • Ice Cream: Fitting for a cool, sweet-natured cat like an ice cream vendor.
  • Elephant: Inspired by the family of elephants in the zoo treated with kindness by the cats.
  • Birdy: Drawn from the parakeets in the zoo that are friendly with the cat characters.
  • Georges: Named after Georges Hautecourt, Adelaide’s eccentric and cheerful lawyer.
  • Edgar: Inspired by Edgar, the antagonist butler of the movie.
  • Captain: After the trusted Old English Sheepdog ally of the cats.
  • Alley: Representing all the street-smart cats, encompassing the spirit of independence and adventure.
  • English: Evokes elegance and refinement like an English cat from high society.
  • Italian: Symbolizing warmth, passion, and charm like an Italian cat.
  • Russian: Depicts poise, elegance, and an enigmatic aura like a Russian cat.
  • Cook: Reminiscent of the French chef from Le Petit Cafe, simultaneously skillful and charming.
  • Waiter: Named after Le Petit Cafe’s waiter who offers exquisite service, and reflects charm and precision.
  • Cafe: Evokes a comforting and convivial atmosphere like any charming cafe.
  • Vendor: Inspired by the joyful ice cream vendor, this name suggests a sociable and cheerful nature.
  • Opera Singer: Captures the high spirit and dramatic flair of a musical feline.
  • Zookeeper: A responsible and compassionate cat, like the zookeepers.
  • Mad: Taken from the grumpy but lovable Mad Cat of the alley cats.
  • Boss: Inspired by the leader of Scat Cat’s gang, perfectly fits an assertive and commanding cat.
  • Trucker: Named after the movers, symbolizes bravery and tenacity.
  • Mover: Evoking strength, teamwork, and determination, much like the piano movers.
  • Singer: Fits a melodious cat, like the Opera Singing Cat in the movie.
  • Chef: Drawing inspiration from the cook at Le Petit Cafe, symbolizes craft and creativity.

Aristocats Cat Names Female

Aristocats Cat Names Female
Aristocats Cat Names Female

Are you in search of the perfect name for an adopted kitten or an older queen ruling your home with her grace and charm?

Take a ride into Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’, and explore female names that will capture your cat.

Whether she behaves like a Duchess or a witty Amelia, her name should reflect her personality.

For your female cat, names inspired by the Aristocats will best depict her grace and elegance.

Does she have the grace of a Duchess or the sassy charm of a Marie? Or she’s more of a delicate lady like Madame Adelaide.

We have a plethora of names inspired by the Aristocats movie to denote her unique femininity.

Explore our loved list of Aristocats cat names for female cats the dainty divas of the cat world.

  • Duchess: Named after the refined and elegant mother of three kittens.
  • Marie: One of the kittens from the movie, she’s graceful and strives for perfection.
  • Abigail: Inspired by the friendly English goose who helps the Duchess and her kittens.
  • Amelia: The sister of Abigail, another English goose with a warm heart.
  • Adelaide: A name befitting a queen, just like the kind woman who owns the Duchess and her kittens.
  • Frou: Short for Frou-Frou, the trusty horse who assists O’Malley.
  • English Kitty: Represents the refined and well-mannered cat who leads a high society life.
  • Italian Kitty: The name reflects the warmth and passion typical of Italian culture.
  • Russian Kitty: Embodies an elegant and royal charm, fitting for a Russian princess.
  • Opera Singing Cat: Captures the melodrama and grace of an opera singer.
  • Mad Cat: This can be a playful nod to a feline with a sharp and fiery temperament.
  • Felice: Inspired by the chic and modish French cat from the movie.
  • Duchy: A cute diminutive of Duchess, retains charm and elegance.
  • Marie-Pie: An endearing name for Marie, adding a sweet touch.
  • Abby: A playful name for Abigail, keeps the welcoming nature.
  • Ami: Short for Amelia, creates a feeling of friendliness.
  • Addy: A hearty name for the lady of the house, Adelaide.
  • Fru-Fru: An affectionate name for Frou-Frou, the trusted horse.
  • English Lady: Evokes sophistication and elegance like a lady from English nobility.
  • Italian Bella: Captures the essence of beauty and passion of Italy.
  • Russian Princess: Embodies the grandeur and dignity of Russian royalty.
  • Singer: A simple homage to the melodramatic Opera Singing Cat.
  • Madam: Exuding grace, sophistication, and leadership of Adelaide.
  • Luncher’s Lady: Showing a classy fondness for fine cuisine like Luncher.
  • Tibbsy: A cute name for the daring and lovable Sergeant Tibbs.
  • Nappy’s Love: Demonstrates the assertive but lovable nature of Napoleon.
  • Laffy’s Dear: Reflecting the warm and cheerful nature of Lafayette.
  • To-Loose’s Friend: Manifests the strong friendship bond and adventurous spirit of Toulouse.
  • Shun’s Beauty: Expressing the exotic charm of Shun Gon.
  • Billy’s Lady: Exudes elegance and mystery like Billy Boss.
  • Hit’s Darling: Showcasing the classy yet playful side of Hit Cat.
  • Mover’s Girl: Represents determination and spirit like the movers.
  • Chef’s Love: Demonstrates the love for fine cuisine like the cook at Le Petit Café.
  • Waitress: Depicts a dependable, charming demeanor like a cafe waitress.
  • Vendor’s Doll: Symbolizes cheerful sweetness, akin to an ice cream vendor’s offerings.
  • Milady: A refined name depicting high status and elegance.
  • Ice Cream’s Sweetie: Reflects a cool sweetness that everyone loves.
  • Elephant’s Queen: An imposing name, inspired by the family of elephants that respect the cats.
  • Birdy’s Love: Glorifying a free-spirited and friendly nature similar to the parakeets.
  • Alley’s Belle: Emphasizes strength, independence, and beauty in an alley cat.
  • Mad’s Darling: Exhibits a spunky, no-nonsense attitude like Mad Cat.
  • Bossy: Showcasing the assertive and commanding traits of the leader, Billy Boss.
  • Cafe’s Cutie: Exudes comfort and warmth, much like a cute and welcoming café.
  • Opera Queen: Displays high spirits and dramatic flair, much like a queen of opera singing.
  • Zookeeper’s Dream: Epitomizes responsibility and compassion, similar to any great zookeeper.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aristocat Names

Selecting a name for your cat is an exciting process. Dive into our FAQs, and get answers to your most popular questions about Aristocats names.

What are some popular Aristocats cat names?

Some popular Aristocats cat names are inspired by the main characters, such as Duchess, Thomas O’Malley, Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz, as well as other notable characters like Scat Cat, Abigail, Amelia, Frou-Frou, and Roquefort.

Can I choose an Aristocats name for my kitten?

Consider your cat’s personality, appearance, and your personal connection to the Aristocats movie.

Names with strong character associations would be a good fit if your cat shares similar traits with one of the characters.

Can I choose an Aristocats name for my kitten?

Choosing an Aristocats name for your kitten is a great way to connect your new furry friend with the classic Disney movie and give them a unique and whimsical name.

Is it easy for my cat to learn its Aristocats name?

Cats can learn their names, but the learning process can vary depending on your cat’s age and personality.

Choosing a clear, easy-to-pronounce Aristocats name can help facilitate this process.

Should I choose an Aristocats name based on my cat’s color?

While you can choose an Aristocats name based on your cat’s color, it’s not necessary.

You may find a name based on your cat’s personality or distinctive traits to be more fitting.

Is it possible to find an Aristocats name that suits both indoor and outdoor cats?

There are many Aristocats names that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats.

The key is to choose a name that reflects your cat’s personality, regardless of their living environment.


So naming your cat after Aristocats is a fun way to add magic to your life while providing your cat with a unique name.

There’s a real charm and joy in naming your cat after a character from Disney’s classic, “The Aristocats.”

Picking a name from our list of Aristocats-inspired cat names will show your love for your cat.

Who knows? Names like Duchess or Scat Cat might capture your cat’s quirks and mannerisms.

As you venture into this journey, we wish you endless cuddling periods and a great life with your cat.

Before you go, know that the name you choose today will echo in the alleyways of your cat’s nine lives. Make it memorable!

We hope this list of Aristocats-inspired names has helped you find the perfect name for your cat.

Enjoy the process and don’t forget to share this list with fellow cat lovers and Disney fans! Until next time, keep purring.

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